Reporting fakes to LeSportSAC does work!!!!!!

  1. I just got this back from LeSportSac:

    Reporting to them is better than complaining to eBay!!!
  2. Good work. I guess they are really able to put the screws to eBay. I would expect them and Tokidoki to defend their trademarks vigorously. Just glad it works. I hate seeing those fakes!! :cursing:
  3. well gotta report more cuz i still see them :biggrin: but great job DreamsOfToki!!
  4. That's great! Good work!
  5. YAY :biggrin:!!! great job!
  6. Good job! There are lots of fakes recently listed by another seller [​IMG]sotalli[​IMG]they are cockroaches!!! :cursing:
  7. He's the next one I'm reporting to LeSportSac.....
  8. good job dreamsoftoki :biggrin: I guess we better round up the names of all the fake toki sellers and put them in a letter for lesportsac to check out? instead of reporting them to evilbay...
  9. even if it's reported what will lesportsac do to the eBay sellers?
  10. As the copyright holder, LeSportSac can request that the seller be removed from eBay.
  11. Great Job Dream of Toki, I can't imagine ppl paying hundreds of dollar foar a fake tokidoki bag.
  12. wow kudos! it makes sense for ebay to fear a complaint made from them then us though
  13. What email address did you use to report them?
  14. Awesome!!
  15. The one on the LeSportSac website.