Reporting fakes on eBay

  1. I just spent an hour reporting fakes - anyone else do this? :smile:
  2. Yes, I have, too! It feels nice to help out the bidders. ::grins::

  3. I know, I seen some that are really bad fakes. I would report them right away. I wonder how many times it needs to be reported before they take it down.
  4. I was reporting them, but they need several reports for them to be removed so I stopped. I don't know why eBay doesn't just hire someone to remove the fakes! It's a full time job and after being sued by Louis Vuitton it would make sense...
  5. I agree with you. Shame with all the fakes on eBay. I report the ones I see, and hope they are taken down. Not always, just as you say....
    When sellers use pictures of authentics and ship something different... User protection will help the buyer to a degree.
    I would never dare to buy for example Vuitton from eBay. Rumors say 90% are fake.
    Bags in general are difficult. I stick to shoes, which are easier to spot - but not alway.

    Keep up the good work!
  6. just reported a super bad neverfull! yuck!
  7. I have made it my mission in life to report fakes to eBay! They have reduced the amount of characters required for a description of the item, but I still try my best to describe what exactly "gave it away" (whether the wanna-be dust bag or a dimply interior with a comically-huge date code tag).

    It frustrates me to find more than a couple fakes on there but what bothers me the most is when the prices are outrageous and unsuspecting bidders have already been hooked into bidding.

  8. I really need to learn more so I can report too. I'm trying, any suggestions to help me? I've been reading every night for hours. Thx!
  9. I report and use the thread above. Happily, when I click, the listings are already gone. There's definitely strength in numbers!
  10. I often report when I see a fake receipt. Or a real receipt paired with a fake bag. But eBay rarely ever does anything. I even called to report an obvious fake + previously sold ones from feedback, and they didn't even do anything. And it truly baffles me when I see bids & positive feedback left for obvious fakes.
  11. I have been reporting the fakes that are in this thread. I think I'm getting sharp about spotting out the fakes on ebay.
  12. Foa a very long time, every time I saw one, I would report it, then add to my watch list, and to my dismay......not one ever got taken down, they went on and on getting bids and some sold for very high prices. I wonder why Ebay does not take these reports seriously and have in house, trained eyes just concentrating on these fakes. Very discouraging to see soooo many fakes all the time with Ebay just ignoring reports.
  13. Does ANYONE think that LV would make such a cheap looking purse? Yikes!