Reporting fakes on Ebay...

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  1. Does anyone know many reports it takes for a counterfeit bag to get pulled? It's so annoying.

    I've reported items SEVERAL times and yet they're still on ebay. It must take a few days for review, because the 1 and 3 day auctions are almost always fake and never get pulled!
  2. Sometimes they get pulled the next day, sometimes they never get pulled at all. That is why the scammers like to do the 1 day auctions because the item is usually sold before ebay can pull the item.
  3. ^exactly.

    I report LOTS of items. There's a huge market for counterfeit Oilily {Euro children's clothes} on eBay, I report all the time, very rarely is anything pulled :sad:
  4. Are we allowed to tell the people bidding on an item that it's fake? It kills me to see people bid upwards of 500 on fake Chanels and Louis Vuittons, but I never knew if we were allowed to do that.
  5. ^nope, not unless you want to get kicked off eBay. You cannot interfere in a sale like that.
  6. I never reported fake items but someone reported my listings are FAKE and ebay pulled them out :crybaby: but you know, all of them are authentic. How unlucky I am?
  7. Vicky2007 this happens a lot, even with Ebay and manufacturers pulling auctions it seems like most that get pulled are us little sellers that have authentic bags.
    I am in your unlucky boat also, I've had auctions pulled a number of times. I think it's WRONG that anyone can just say an auction is FAKE. I'm 100% sure, I had an angry buyer report one of mine just because she was angry due to negative feedback, but of course she didn't follow thru with the auction and I get penalized in more than one way.
  8. Very bad experience and ebay was helpless. While lots of fake are still selling on ebay but my authentic items were removed. I would stop selling on ebay now and some buyers will miss a big bargain :graucho:
  9. I have also reported items and never seen them removed. It is horrid sitting by and watching people bid on bags etc that are blatantly faked but command amazingly high bids. I always feel kind of grubby . . .
  10. How do you report a fake listing on e-bay?
  11. There should be a link on the bottom of each item that says report this item or report this auction. Click on that link and go through the steps to report fakes.
  12. thanks meemie!

    I reported my first fake today!
  13. ^^ Haha I've had that bookmarked for so long now! It's a daily thing...I report a few each day, then feel better :lol:
  14. I noticed that you have to copy the auction number into the report of a fake instead of it just automatically appearing. Anybody have any idea why? I'm not too stoked on if it takes enough time to report all the fakes as it is....