Reporting fakes on eBay

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  1. I have just been reading so many threads about reporting fakes to eBay. I wonder how you can all possibly be experts about every bag made and how you can tell from the photos if they are fake? I had a genuine bag removed by eBay a while ago, bought in Harrods and with the receipt from Harrods! Some 'know all' reported it and it turns out they know nothing. I wonder why some people spend hours ruining other peoples chances of making a little bit of money and in some cases getting them suspended. Why do you interfere? On the other side of things...some people cannot afford to buy genuine designer items and have to make do with copies, this is no-ones business but their own and who are you to judge them for that? It seems some people have nothing better to do than cause misery for those less fortunate, how very shallow. One poster said she 'felt so good' after reporting someone. Well shame on you, how do you know they didn't need that money to buy food or pay bills? I would say leave people alone and stop playing god, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I think of myself as being very fortunate that I can afford what I want when I want it and have never judged those who are not as lucky as me as I was like that once. You all sound very shallow. :nogood:
  2. No-one is replying...maybe I have shamed you all....let's hope so. Think before you act :tdown:
  3. 1. I'm very sorry that your genuine bag got removed by eBay.

    2. There are numerous people on eBay knowingly scamming innocent people and letting them pay thousands of dollars for a fake bag. There are lots of ways to tell if an item is authentic or not, if there are enough pictures provided. If I can prevent people from getting ripped off, then I will surely report the item to eBay.

    3. I don't feel sorry for the people who sell fake bags. It is against the law and if they are in it to make some money to pay off their bills, then I can think of a lot of other things to sell than fake items.

    4. You were expecting a lot of replies one hour after you posted your thread? Not only were the majority of the US members still asleep by then; barging in here, accusing us and saying that we all sound very shallow didn't help your case much either IMO.
  4. So even though you were trying to sell an authentic dont mind fakes? Well surely thats a slight contradiction as the main reason that your bag was pulled from Ebay is that there are SO many fakes on Ebay that yours looked like one of them. If fakes werent so abundant on Ebay then there would be no cause for concern. I feel sorry for people who are scammed when they buy a bag and pay big money for it, thinking that its authentic, only to receive a fake!

    Also, Ebay doesnt pull auctions just because of people reporting them. I listed a Chloe once and they pulled the auction beause I didnt state that the bag was authentic in the title so they assumed that it was a fake.

    Anyway, if your bag is 100% genuine you can contact Ebay and just relist it. You dont lose out as you arent charged for the pulled auction.
    And finally....if we are all 'very shallow', maybe you shouldnt be hanging around here with us 'shallow folk'!:P
  5. Haha, that's right. "Shallow obsessing strongly encouraged" is our motto :angel:
  6. How very presumptuous of you to think that everyone on this site is shallow. Maybe everyone on this sight just has morals and a consience and doesnt want someone who thinks there getting an authentic bag, to unknowingly get a fake. If the person auctioning the fake bag lists as designer inspired bag it wont be taken down. But the majority of ebay sellers that are selling fakes are trying to pass them off as real and its NOT FAIR. Also just because someone reports a fake doesnt mean ebay will remove it. Its just bringing the bag to there attention and they will decide for themselves whether a bag is fake or not. And If your authentic listing is removed all you have to do is contact ebay, send them proof of authenticity. Then they relist your bag and your reimburst for your initial fees payed. I cannot report fakes because i wouldnt know the difference. But some of the gals on here have worked for certain brands and could spot a fake a mile away. And bottom Line is SELLING FAKES IS ILLEGAL! if someone cant afford a designer bag they can buy a Lucky Brand, Jessica Simpson, Steve madden bag and still lookd great and not break the law.
  7. I agree, Barmakianbags!!!
  8. So, someone selling a fake bag, which means scamming people out of hundreds or thousands is ok?? Is that what you mean? It's ok to scam someone ELSE out of money to pay YOUR bills? If they need to pay bills then 1] They should get their a$$es a job 2] Should have paid their bills rather than buy a fake purse. Selling fake bags IS illegal. So if they needed to pay their bills, would it too be ok if they robbed a bank? That is also illegal.

    ITA agree with Halzer, maybe you should move along from tPF and us "shallow folk"
  9. Anyone condoning the sale of fake bags probably doesn't belong on this forum IMO.
  10. On my posting on this forum, your reply was
    It is up to the buyers to decide whether we want to buy from eBay or not. There are honest sellers who sell only authentic bags. Don't go around and leave mean comments everywhere because you are upset about your removed auction. I am sorry that your bag was genuine and was removed. But whoever reported your purse probably was not from this forum.
    People here know what to look for and don't make unreasonable reports. The reason I found out what I bought was fake is because I read the guides from tPF members and I learned what to look for. The experts here take their time to write detailed guides so that people don't waste money on a fake. How can you call them and all of us shallow?
  11. Wow, did you pick the wrong forum to express sympathy for scamming, dishonest sellers.
  12. I think there is more than superficial reason why fakes shouldn't be encourage. Children are known to have been chained in their work bench to make fake goods. I think its our responsibility as a consumer not buy fakes in case things like this doesn't happen.

    If this doesn't affect some people, then maybe you should know that you could be buying fake medicine eg 'pfzer insulin' supplied by the same people who made enough money selling and making fake bags. People have known to have died because of this. Fakes medicine are sold in UK and US pharmacies and all over the world. People in China and Africa died fighting against these corruption and peoples attitude who accept fakes to be good enough. What you may think is bargain may really not be.

    For Awood, I completely understand how disappointing it is to have your listing cancelled. It isn't fair for someone to judge if they don't know. It isn't fair that you should be taking your anger out of people here. You should be on to ebay and fighting your case.
  13. Also I have seen many many many people get scammed into paying 3-$500.00 on thomas wylde fakes
    And i myself- was almost scammed into buying a few of them-----The only reason why- I wasn't taken for a ride was because of the good people of this forum- Who were kind enough to take the time out to look at the bags for me....And this was before I was a member.- I didn't at that time- nor do I now have the funds to purchase an original priced thomas wylde bag. But it should be my right to choose whether or not I want to own a fake for $500.00. Which is absurd- Noone is saying that people don't have the right to own an inspired looking bag-but fakes- are illegal- And selling them to people who are unaware and innocent to that fact is just PLAIN WRONG. It is noone's right to just sell someone a fake and think it's is alright- just because the buyer is OBLIVIOUS- Thats not right!!-It doesnt make it okay to deceive someone just because they got a good deal- and are happy because they dont know any better. It doesnt make it RIGHT!!
    What the people in this forum do is a great service- to those of us who dont want to be taken in- I have my own bills to pay-& I work very hard to find deals and savings on brands and products that I love--Not to Be DECEIVED- and taken in. & I will say with all sincerity to all those who helped me THANK YOU. YOU ARE MUCH APPRIECIATED

    I have felt horrible that I haven't called out people that I saw selling fakes myself. Because I didn't want the people who purchased their fakes items to have their hearts crushed. But if you let people continously sell fakes they keep making more victims, and it just keeps beneifiting them...I even see these sellers using the pictures- from the exact sites they purchase the inspired fakes-----And they sell multiples and have 100% feedback...Not because the items are legit but because the buyers didnt know better. And if you want to know how do I know---well I 'll tell you.
    They are all using the same Barneys price tag (they are always NWT-even though the bag was made in 06"-07" and the smame price tag has been used over and over by different sellers)-----when you ask them for pics of certain angles of the bag- they wont send- cause they know your asking to see a specific detail- and they actually are using pics from the inspired sites!!!

    If your bag was real then no harm done- maybe it was taken off because you didn't specify something enough in your auction- ***But don't come on here trying to blame people and call them shallow** just because your MAD...

    SHALLOW is the person who only thinks of the money they're making off of selling the fakes on the unexpected buyers/victims-
    I only feel sorry for the buyer-
    The buyer who maybe sooo happy to finally get a deal on an item/ or a present that they've been saving up for/ maybe to give to their daughter or niece - but now have found out that it is fake. My heart goes out to them. Not to the person who was just inconvienced......THANKS AGAIN LADIES!!!
  14. I wonder if AWOODs just joined because she felt like complaining- about her item and decided to just chastize- us - well now some of us have responded. I hope- now you understand why some people feel the need to report fakes.
  15. I think Awoods just joined to chastise us because she IS a seller who peddles in fakes and she is bummed that the sherlocks that we have on TPF keep reporting her knockoffs! :supacool:

    ............Ok, so thats pretty shallow of me the presume that....LOL!
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