Reporting fakes on ebay!

  1. Tonight I have reported 80 fakes on eBay, alot of the other forums seem to really use their report the fakes thread really well. And as a result alot of the auctions tend to get pulled! Only about 4 people seem to post on our thread. So I just wanted to know-

    1. Do you all report listings which are posted on the 'report this fake' thread

    2. When you post for a bag to be authenticated on the 'authenticate this gucci' thread and it turns out to be fake, do you report the listing?

  2. Ohhhh, i need to be more active, i'll try to help out DM!!!
  3. Thanks- its important we do!

    It also plays a major factor when we come to sell our authentic bags, as a buyer not knowing the difference it pushes the price of real bags down!
  4. Can you tell me how I can report fakes on eBay? Is there a thread? I will try to help. Thanks