Reporting Fakes on eBay: Three Ways

  1. thanks for the information ....
    You know what, One day I bought a bag from e bay. And the seller suggested me to authenticate her bag in this forum. I love this forum....
  2. I completely understand where everyone is coming from. I had a Louis Vuitton Deauville bag given to me and I was going to sell it on e-bay. I felt like I should authenticate it first, but do you know how hard it is to authenticate a bag if you don't know about this forum? It is absolutely insane.
  3. I wish i would read this thread early! Thanks for the info.
  4. If you have been following my post then you know why I am posting this - I do not wish to harm anyone trying to resell on eBay however I feel that since the bag I purchased from this seller is under investigation I should warn all bag buyers to be extremely careful when purchasing a bag from this seller Zenziindia AKA Shanglu2010. Please get the bag authenticated before purchasing as she sells Prada, Chloe, Balenciaga and other designer bags. I will follow up with all of my findings and results. Thanks,
  5. Just to advise - if anyone wants to challenge the original seller of this bag. The original listing is item # 230748146268 by Zenziindia. When I contacted this seller to ask for proof to back me up as I purchased the bag from her and the bag was in question on tpf - I received a reply via ebay from shanglu2010 (different seller name) and the original email that I had for paypal payment - when i tried to email this seller - the email came back as invalid. PLEASE if you believe the bag to be fake, i beg of any of you to help me ASK THIS SELLER to PROVE the bag is authentic as it was originally sold. Otherwise I ask all of you to help me on this journey to either prove the bag is authentic or to get this seller to refund my original money and to get this seller taken off of ebay. I feel power in numbers and if this bag is fake and I paid $1790 for it - I will be sick to my stomach. Please help me find the RIGHT ANSWER. Thanks ladies. btw - when I messaged the seller at Zenziindia and got a reply from shanglu2010 this was the reply I got: "Dear glitteru,

    hi, i have received your email about the balenciaga bag 230748146268
    if you still think it is not authentic, why did you not do this before buying?
    this is the 2nd time some buyer is doing this to me and i just will not accept it anymore
    and then again after 5 months?
    please do think rationally, if you were the one selling it, would you accept it?
    please go to ebay or paypal and ask them, they will tell you the same thing
    i will also go to ebay and paypal and ask what to do, as this is a way of working which is not acceptabtle and i will adjust all my auctions, with this mentioning, that if they want to ask TPF, they have to do before and not afterwards receiving the bag

    - shanglu2010"

    My response: "Dear shanglu2010,

    first of all this ebay seller name looks to be different than the one that I purchased the bag from? why is that? Second, this is not about YOU as a person, this is about what is right and a lot of money I paid for a bag I was told was indeed 100% authentic. I did not go to tpf - my buyer did as I was only reselling the bag I bought from YOU. Once tpf came back with NO WAY IS THIS AUTHENTIC - I was mad, wouldn't you be? If you can prove the bag is 100% authentic then I beg of you to also post on the link in tpf as the ORIGINAL SELLER AND OWNER of the bag your proof. If I paid 1790 for a fake bag then the only RIGHT THING for you to do is refund me for the fake item. I too have been in contact with ebay and paypal. I was actually instructed to contact the internet FRAUD PROTECTION which is affiliated with the FBI. I don't want to have to go to that extreme is why I contacted you directly. Please feel free to POST ON TPF as I became a member to post JUST TO COMMENT on this bag i was trying to RESELL that you sold to me. The original sellers name I bought from was Zenziindia - is that you as well? biz vs. personal accounts or something? i'm confused. Thank you for responding. I too would be upset if I were you but this is just a buyer trying to FIX SOMETHING that was NOT RIGHT in the beginning.

    - glitteru"
  6. Thank you colbaltblu for posting this! I did exactly as you said for a Chloe Paddington and am now awaiting my refund😄 such a shame the fakes that are being sold on eBay!!! Thanks again for the great post!!!
  7. I'm with you- please keep us updated!
  8. Thank you! I was just able to report an item the seller actually confirmed CL replica through eBay messages!! Was drivin me nuts because some poor buyer bid on replica Louboutin Vicky Suede Boots:sad: thanks!!
  9. I had a guy from Spain send me a fake Speedy BE and when it arrived the zipper was broken. I took it to LV to get it fixed and they called me the next day and said "this is not one of our pieces". When I contacted the seller he flipped out on me and insisted it was real. He was so certain that I began questioning the LV manager's opinion! Carol Diva settled it and it was a fake. It is so crazy making when a seller keeps insisting it's not fake, or the bag was switched and on and on. In the end, after 25 emails with this seller and 10 conversations with Ebay I ended up calling my cc and they cancelled the transaction. This slimy seller actually refunded me in Paypal and when he received the bag back he cancelled the refund! So glad I used my credit card! This man sold about 10 LV items, all with positive feedback. When I checked the items out they were all FAKES! Buyers, PLEASE check out your designer items unless you want to support sellers that sell fake goods.
  10. Hi read somewhere that for eBay to cancel/withdraw a listing it has to be reported as a 'trademark infringement' 'fake' whatever by more than 1 person.
    I'm searching for a Chanel Cambon tote & came across this very very bad example of said bag. I'm ashamed to say it is an Australian listing & seller.
    Despite eBay's assurance they police the listings it appears another one has slipped the net.

    Would appreciate another Chanel lover reporting this 'bag'! Only has 11 hrs to auction closes. Thank you......m
    Would appreciate
  11. This is great information. Thanks!!!:p
  12. Hi,
    I'm new to TPF I tried reporting a pair of replica Louboutins and eBay has done nothing!!:sad: I asked the seller if they were authentic and she replied through eBay msgs no "no but they are an exact replica" they are a Vicky Suede Booty.. That pair sold to someone who obviously had no clue.. Well the seller has listed another pair!!! I will try to report to eBay again but was wondering if you know of any way to warn TPF members? And which thread to do it at? Like I said I'm new to this and don't want to "mess" up. It makes me sick that sellers are still getting away with selling fakes:sad: thanks so much!!
  13. Generally, you'll need a couple of people reporting for eBay to care. (at least in my experience) There should be a forum for Louboutin shoes...

    There's the Hall of Shame thread linked for you. :smile:
  14. It must be the same boots!! Hopefully eBay acts in the report.. On her last pair they did not as far as I know.