Reporting Fakes on eBay: Three Ways

  1. In order to try to decide whether to buy Chanel earrings and chain belts on eBay I have asked for clear photographs of the back to be uploaded. Some ignor the request so I remove them from my watch list. But on at least three occasions they have suggested sending me the pictures to my private email. I find that odd and am not happy to give out my personal email. I wonder if this is because eBay won't then be able to see that immunization if ou later have to seek help from them. What do people think?
  2. Sorry for auto correct above. I meant to say "communication" not "immunization"!
  3. Hi, when seller's are trying to save money on adding more images seller's offer the option of additional images being emailed. In today's current climate and eBay and PayPal costs sometimes it is a way of keeping expenses down, although i guess there are unscrupulousness sellers they may be using this to there advantage but the majority of sellers are just offering an extra option. You could accept the images, examine pictures in closer detail and if you feel the email sender doggy block them in you r email list.
  4. Awesome info i knew there had to be other ways to get the word out!!
  5. I buy things on eBay this way all the time.
    Usually I'm pretty certain due to the initial pics that the item is authentic but I ask for back-up pictures to be sure.
    I have a specific email account set up for eBay completely separate from my personal email.
  6. Really helps I knowing what to should I be caught out!
  7. good job
  8. Hi everyone, seriously has anyone else noticed the increasing number of fakes selling on ebay lately. There are many sellers that list designer replicas as preowned or new with out tags to try and hide the fake they are selling fakes. How stupid are these people! It makes it hard for us authentic sellers doing the right thing as many people do not trust ebay to purchase authentic designer brands. Does anyone patrol the listings and report fakes? I know I do but it doesn't seem to stop them. They appear in a few days with a different user id and start selling again.:p
  9. I am with you on this Faithicles, it is totally frustrating... I know on Australian ebay the amount of fakes is out of control, especially with Jimmy Choo, Louboutin etc... and it seems no matter how many are reported the sellers are simply allowed to relist the shoes. grrrr :wacko:

    I wish ebay actually took the whole situation with counterfeits seriously but seems they are happy to make money off the sale of fakes, which is a shame for honest sellers out there.
  10. Thanks so much for the reporting information! I do spend a good deal of time reporting items and only knew of the first way. Maybe if I use all three Ebay will do something about it!
  11. Seller : hightechworld925
    Brand New Longchamp Autour de Ha Le pliage Tote bag Brown Large
    item No: 190695285527

    Brand New Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote Bag Black Size Large
    Item number: 190694926042

    seller : simplifiedpc227
    Item number: 261051957621
    Brand New Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote Bag Lavender Size Large

    Item number: 261053327154

    I almost sure both eBay account belong same person, and they aren't in Canada. now ruin our Canada market make Canadian looks bad. their listing all over in eBay page.

    hightechworld925 and simplifiedpc227
    I checked their feedback, I realise both ebay account is belong same person, in each account the first feedback is fake feedback.
    Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet (2005, Paperback) (#261042578388)
    Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet (2005, Paperback) (#190692561340)

    I checked their listing, they list " Tree of life" in bilberry again,
    and autour de ha le pliage in " ice gray". I confirm with longchamp, they said never come with those colors.

    and still lots buyer bid on their fake longchamp item. how we report it? please login eBay account to report it
  12. Great it is becoming such a problem