Reporting Fakes on eBay: Three Ways

  1. Thank you for this info.
  2. Good information, and I think I'll post this on our Vintage & Accessories board as we see so much new Chinese crap over there it would make you head swim.....Maybe not, purse get a lot of it to.
  3. thanks for the info
  4. Thanks for this info, I am fairly new to eBay and have not been caught out yet. Hopefully with this info i wont be.
  5. How does eBay determine whether to remove an item or not? I have reported a couple of bags as fake over time but none gets removed. Quite cheesed off to see the sellers still selling them.

  6. Hi, i recently bought a gucci bag, only to find out that it is a fake. i have file a dispute against her thru paypal. but she refuses to refund the amount. could u please advice on how i should go about getting my claim?
  7. Thanks for the excellent step by step 'how to'. I have only gone so far as the first step - letting the seller know that I know it is a fake and that counterfeiting merchandise is a federal crime - then as soon as I am refunded I leave feedback stating that the item is fake and not to do business with them. I just did this last week - so now I am going to follow through on steps 2 & 3. Thanx again!
  8. I have seen some handbags listed as (inspired) or simply defined by the fabric. I have bought vintage faux bags. Are any faux bags against eBay rules? I have sold there in the past and to my knowledge as long as you are not indicating the name, it is okay. I am a Gucci vintage fan and there is a ton of stuff that looks great but is faux-faux.
  9. Check your listing again if it will come up. They may have a (sales final) caption. I would say after two months not so good. Did you contact paypal? Otherwise check ebay to see if you can report as not authentic. Some great things can have small defects that can be temp fixed and may be the reason they sold it.
  10. Great info! I get upset seeing all the listings for fake bags because most of them are probably made by illegal child labor. It makes me sad, and it is also robbing the ateliers and designers that put so much of their soul and hard work into making the originals. I will definitely be reporting fakes when i learn how to tell them apart properly.
  11. hi ladies, does anybody know why in the report form I can only select "Counterfeits and copyright violations"?
  12. and also why does the italian ebay not have the "report item" button? I just feel sorry for people who are bidding on these fake handbags the value of which is no more than 20 euros (bad fakes!) and the auctions are already at very high prices!

    This thread is not to be used to report ebay auctions. There are appropriate threads for that and I will go through and delete such posts.

    This thread is to give tips on HOW TO report auctions, that's it.
  14. Great post! I hate fakes! It's horrible that we have to save thousands to buy real bag while others pay 200$ and make us look bad!
  15. good one!