Reporting Fakes on eBay: Three Ways

  1. Mods, feel free to move this to the correct place, maybe I should have put it in the main eBay forum???

    From another board, I have to share this!!! I wish I could take credit, but alas, I never knew there was more than one way, and its great because way #3 allows you to put in your information as to why, etc...

    I am really happy about this, I only ever did number 1! We can do all three for one item. Its not that time consuming, and YAY, for those heinous fakes it seems a good investment of a little time.

    Scenario 1: Report as a counterfeit
    Step 1: Select "Counterfeits and copyright violations"
    Step 2: Select "Potential trademark infringement"
    Step 3: Select "Counterfeit clothing..."
    Click on "Continue"
    When next page appears, click on "Email us"
    When next page appears, click on "Send"
    After email is sent, go back to the first reporting screen.

    Scenario 2: Report as listing violation
    Step 1: Select "Listing policy violations"
    Step 2: Select "Misleading title"
    Step 3: Select "Intentionally misleading or deceptive titles"
    Click on "Continue"
    When next page appears, click on "Email us"
    When next page appears, click on "Send"
    After email is sent, go back to the first reporting screen.

    Scenario 3: Report as fraud
    Step 1: Select "Fraudulent listings"
    Step 2: Select "You suspect that a listing is fraudulent but you didn't bid"
    Step 3: This box contains a message telling you to click on "Continue".
    Click on Continue
    When the next page appears, click on "Email us".
    When the next page appears, you will see a box with the item number already input and a box titled ""Enter your question/concern". Write your reasons for believing that the article is fraudulent. ... I include the facts and language stating that the article is a fake, the seller is a fraudster and that eBay is complicit by allowing the seller to continue to list items.
  2. KUDOS! CobaltBlu. This is invaluable info. IMO it belongs not only in the general eBay section - where I would never have seen it - but in each specific handbag subsection reference area. Not buried, but its own stand alone reference guide. :tup:
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  3. this is the best information, CB! Thank you for sharing it...I too have only done the first option and it's nice to know there are options for reporting!
  4. that's great information, thank you!
  5. CobaltBlu--Thank you for the information!! It's very helpful. :smile:
  6. Another member suggested I add that you must scroll down to the bottom of the listing to find the "report this item" option on the listing.

    Then, let the magic begin!!!!

    Thanks TDJ!!!:tup:
  7. Wow! I had no idea. Thanks for the info. I've just started reporting obvious fakes, so now it's time to REALLY start reporting them. I just bookmark the form and paste the numbers in while browsing. Once I hit 10, I open it back up. Makes it REALLY easy to report fakes.
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  8. A well researched "How To" guide. Thanks CobaltBlu!:yes:
  9. Thank you for this info!!!
  10. Thanks for the info! Now only if eBay would actually do something after they are reported!
  11. ^^I have had a lot of good luck lately, especially with option 3, which lets you have a little rant as well.
  12. That's GREAT info!!! Thx for all the tips:smile:
  13. Please do an item search for "I'm not a plastic bag Hindmarch navy blue COD" The items that come up for me with that search are offered by a seller in Scotland. This one cries out fake to me. Seller registered on eBay just a week and a half ago and has no feedback yet as all their sales have occured over the last five days.

    They are selling the US version of the bag, the UK version was brown on ivory. The bags shown are wrapped in plastic. As far as I know, these bags come in tissue wrap.

    Total sales for the bags they've sold since last Wednesday is $3,546. This includes one sale today (Sunday) for $975. I wonder did the buyer think they were going to get all the bags shown in the photo?

    Why did they suddenly start to sell the bags on Wednesday? Did they want bidders to think the bags were the ones sold in Whole Foods in the US on July 18? They offer no explanation as to where they got the bags. They currently have 11 more bags listed, most asking for payment by COD.

    Is there any point reporting this to eBay? It's difficult to prove that they are copies of the Anya Hindmarch bags.
  14. Yes, and once you report one way, you can just click "back to past viewed item' (or whatever it says, LOL) and you can do the next method, and so on...

    I also want to say again that I cannot take credit for this, I did read it on a scarf board. But I am happy to share it here and hope that we continue to shut down fake auctions.

    noracrub, I am not sure what to say about that situation....I do not know how to tell if these are authentic, I guess someone could have stood in line and gotten them, I really know nothing about them. But if you believe they are fake, do report.....
  15. Wow thanks for the info!