Reporting fake LV sellers (long, but please read)

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  1. So im with my mom at the little shopping mall near my house (mind you this is suburbia land, not a REAL city or anything) and were walking inside towards the grocery store and I stop because something LV looking caught my eye ...I was into this shoe store..NOT some shady stand or some canal st. thing ...a real registered store lol in this mall selling really BAD fake lvs ...the SA in the shoe store was eyeing my LV bag really funnily ...but anyway they had gucci and coach and burberry too and I was simply freaking out but I was wondering how to go about reporting these ppl I call the police...file a report, im completely lost and anything will help and I will not let them get away with this ...TIA! :smile: (sorry its so long!)
  2. Noone??? Lol someone has to know something! I bet not everyone is as clueless as I am!
  3. When there was a kiosk in my mall, I reported it to the mall management and explained how fakes were illegal and how I was sure they didn't want illegal activity going on in their mall because someone else might not be so nice to talk to them and might call the police. That took care of it and the kiosk was gone shortly thereafter.

    If it is a strip mall, they must still lease from someone, right? I'd find out who and report it to them first to see if they can take care of it internally.
  4. Thanks ill try to see what I can find out
  5. You could report it directly to The LV website has a link to contact them but you have to give your name and e-mail and then you can make a comment. You could list the name of the store and their address and phone number and report what you saw directly to LV. LV will send back a canned response e-mail stating that they appreciate the info and take counterfeits seriously. (I recently reported a website that sold fake LVs.)
  6. oh my! i would call 911, but thats just little ol' overreacting me.....
  7. report it to the police asap!!!

    That makes me SO mad!:cursing:
  8. There is a thread titled reporting fakes if you do a search you should be able to find it. It has a list of contact numbers for this very thing..
  9. Contact Centre Management and LV HQ in your country.
  10. good for you for trying to make a difference against a$$h0les like this