Reporting excess shipping AFTER an auction has ended?

  1. a GF BINed an item she really really wanted without checking the shipping first (and it required instant payment). now that reality has set in she realizes that she paid almost double the actual cost in shipping and the seller is ignoring her. i told her she's SOL and should have done something before she BINed but she wants to report it to eBay for excessive shipping. can she do this? will eBay do anything? she wants the item but she wants to punish the seller for being greedy. i despise sellers who charge excessive shipping but i think that once you pay, you're stuck (especially if you want to go thru with the auction). what do you think?
  2. She can try to report them, but it's the buyer's responsibility to read the auction fully before bidding. I, and many others, deal with buyers like this all the without reading, then put up a stink because they don't like the terms.