reporting back from hong kong, and...

  1. i think i've done ok. sorry, am at work now so i will post pictures later, but i did visit the bv stores in harbour city, landmark, dfs galleria and elements, and picked up a couple of items. also picked up a couple of non-bv items. :shame:

    for those of you going to hong kong for bv, the largest stores are landmark and harbour city, followed by elements. all the resort 2008 stuff is in store, and the blues and yellows are gorgeous!
  2. Can't wait to the pics of your goodies!!!
  3. hello aca! :smile:
    good to see that your back...can't wait to hear about your shopping trip and see what you got! :nuts:
  4. Sounds amazing - hope you can post pix soon!
  5. aca woohoo...thanks for the report in HK...can't wait to go to HK next year. now are we all still on for the BV tpf meeting there?:graucho:

    hurry back and post your new loot please! :smile:
  6. hi catabie, sorry, i think i won't be making it to hk next year, since i've already picked up my bv goodies this trip and i need to give my bank account a break! goodies coming up shortly.
  7. all right, pictures are all downloaded and ready, so here goes...

    i got up early on sat morning and walked across to harbour city in canton rd. sure enough, i passed by the bv store.

    bv harbour city 1.JPG

    unfortunately, it was too early and still closed, so the nice sa asked me to come back at 11am.
  8. since i couldn't look at the bv babies yet, i decided to go to chanel, and picked up something.

    chanel reveal  1.JPG

    and seeing it was still early, i walked a few more doors down and paid a visit at ferragamo.

    ferragamo reveal 1.JPG
  9. and finally, the bv store opened, and i walked in.

    bv harbour city 2.JPG
  10. Wow!!!! :yahoo: I love Chanel and Ferragamo too so please post all goodies, including the non-BV ones. :woohoo:
  11. hi mystiletto, ok - in that case i will post the other items, then the bv goodies.

    i've always hankered after the timeless classic, so i got that at chanel in the large caviar leather in gold hardware.

    chanel reveal 2.JPG chanel reveal 3.JPG
  12. and then at ferragamo i found the cutest peep toe pumps with the signature bow in black patent leather.

    ferragamo reveal 2.JPG
  13. and then i got distracted at coach...

    coach reveal 1.JPG
  14. :drool::drool::drool::drool: What lovely buys! :love: We are classic flap twins. I adore the ferragamo peeptoes. :girlsigh:
  15. and walked out with the cutest pair of sunnies, which put me in a great mood for more shopping!

    coach sunglass 1.JPG coach sunglass 2.JPG