Reporting a store selling fakes?

  1. How do I go about reporting a store in my area (New Jersey) selling fake Louis Vuitton?

    Anyone know?

  2. Email they will forward it to their fraud department. Make sure you include all relevant info. I have done this twice and within a week both the kiosks (in my case) were gone.
    I know yours is a store, but email them anyway.
  3. Ok cool. I did that already. Thanks! I almost gagged when I went in there. I go in alot and look around and I left immediately. God forbid someone thinks I buy my LV there! I was mortified!

  4. I was driving around one day and I found a sign in front of a store advertising "Louis Vuitton and Throwback Jerseys" it was hilarious.

    Pursefanatic- Thanks for the email address I will definitely be reporting some stores!
  5. where????? what store?????
  6. Ahhh, thanks for the info! There's a kiosk in my mall that has them! I about barfed. haha. I'm definitely going to email with the information.