reporterbag owners: howmany of you still carry this bag regularly?

  1. I'm still obsessing about this bag..and yes one day i will own it! :yes:but i don't see many women carry this bag...
    Are you still in :heart:your bag?
  2. I was just contemplating selling this bag yesterday. I put it on and must say, I still love it. I asked my DH what he thought and he surprised me by saying "keep it".
  3. I own the black with black CC larger reporter and I purchased the black w/ black CC larger reporter for my godmother. She carries hers everyday and although I have 13 Chanel handbags I still carry the reporter. I also have the tote from the same Ligne, black with the white CC, and the black wallet with white CC. I still love this Ligne, love the lambskin!!
    I am starting to look more closely at the Cotton Club Ligne, similar to the Cambon but the reporter in this Ligne has caught my attention.
  4. I love the way the mini reporter looks.. but i dunno why it feels so odd under my arms. :confused1: I cant reall blame the structure of the bag because thats what i love about it.. :love: BUT something is just not quite right to make me feel like i NEED to have it.
  5. I love my beige/black Reporter! The only reason I don't use it a lot is because it is hard to match. But when the right outfit is present I break out the bag!
  6. I do not own a reporter, but I still like them!

    Penny -- There is a cotton club reporter? Can someone please post a picture of this bag???
  7. i LOVE the Reporter in the original size and the mini -- would give anything to own one. Its, to me, just about the perfect Chanel bag other than the Classic flap.
    please don't sell it...............people aren't carrying it because either (a) they couldn't afford it when it was first out and sure cannot now (b) they have icky taste (ooops sorry if this offends, i sure don't mean to,,,,you guys know i'm not nasty or thoughless !?:p) (c) they have been threatened by DH or SO (Significant Other) if they get one and they have not yet learned the fine technique of car trunk hiding..............(i teach a class in that, by the way, next one is starting up in a week, online :yahoo: free to Chanel girls, a slight fee for LV, Gucci, BBag owners, and all others, but a huge fee for Hermes girls :biguns: lol)

  8. Pink,
    There is a thread on here with a pic that is where I saw it. I will try and locate it for you.
  9. i have the mini reporter in brown patent cc's on brown

    I LOVE IT!

    i haven't used it yet but i ADORE this bag! I'll break it out this summer I guess....
  10. Not sure Skinny. I called my S/A @ the Bellagio but he was off today. I will try again this week. I want some details on that bag-- doesn't it look yummy!!
  11. I have the original large reporter in white with black straps and python CC's.
    I hardly use's so huge...but I wouldn't part with it!!!
  12. I love it! I own it since yesterday:yahoo:

    The black/black reporter from personalshoppers