REPORT THIS GUCCI! Hall Of Shame - A Place For The Fakes!

  1. I stand by EVERYTHING I said. I don't care if people believe me or not, just putting it out there. Period.
  2. Then why is it you won't reveal any details of the transaction eg what bag it was, you are quite happy to throw the allegation out there yet when I question it all you can say is "I stand by what I said I don't care if people believe it or not" :wtf:

    Have you heard the saying mud sticks, you accuse me and place an authentic item in the fakes thread with the heading FAKE BLONDIE ALERT then claim I sell fakes yet you won't find any - there are 35 items in my seller feedback that are still viewable, the blondie has already been authenticated on the forum!

    Check my feedback, name one fake item there, simple fact is you won't find one and nor do I sell a mix. I must have been one really lucky girl to only have authentic bags chosen for authentication in various threads eg authenticate this fendi, authenticate this dior, authenticate this hermes, authenticate this Marc Jacobs to name a few.

    Your accusations are very confusing as you state you bought the bag 2 years ago - your ebay id has only been registered for 16 months/there is no feedback to be found for this transaction from either you or me and I must say I was quite astute at leaving feedback back then, claim to have found out it was fake 12 months later which makes it 12 months ago and then claim to have only recently emailed me yet no email received by me. Why would you email supposedly telling me off after all this time, wouldn't you have done that the moment you found out?

    You know who I am so your welcome to message me anytime, I certainly dispute very strongly what you are "just putting out there". Period.
  3. ^^ It looks diseased! (ostrich-pox?)
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again... you should NOT post anything on here without being 100% certain that it is fake... time after time items are posted that are genuine... and poor ebay sellers are being berated unnecessarily.

    I have noticed that sellers name are constantly stated with DON'T BUY FROM THIS SELLER... and ridiculous "Report Parties"... this alone is against the Fair Trade act in Australia..

    From looking at this members website, you cannot conclude that her items are fake... They look quiet genuine to me, again that is only from pictures alone... Which is very rarely how Authentications should be done. In person is the way the are done.
  5. I bought a bag from an eBay Power Seller a while ago, that had a bag on Hall of Shame, which made me nervous, so I paid for it to be authenticated and SUPRISE, it was Genuine!!!!

    I also took it into Gucci at Surfers Paradise and they also said that they believe it was genuine, but couldn't put it in writing. Thats why I paid for it to be done by an EXPERT, who is well respected and recognised.

    Ulitimatechic, if you sell genuine.... THANKYOU. I'll keep an eye out for what you've got!!:okay:
  6. Thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated.

    I am so glad that your bag was the real thing, while the authenticate forums and ones such as this I believe are an absolute god send anyone here will probably agree that mistakes can and are sometimes made.

    Brand education is key and the purse forum as a whole is the best place to get it :yes: