REPORT THIS GUCCI! Hall Of Shame - A Place For The Fakes!

  1. ^^ looks like a gendi or a fucci....hahaha
  2. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I like the sound of Fucci.... It sounds vulgar and that is definitely that!
  3. GENDI doesn't sound too appetizing either :throwup:..haha. Should have saved a pic of that fake since the listing is gone now. It really did look like a nasty chef or magic fendi (forget which)!
  4. and WHAT is the deal! Guess and Gucci are two different things!
  5. item number 300142376572

    I cant my link to appear- please report it too!

    These are copies of my boots, i asked for the serial number so i could check and she told me Gucci shoes dont come with it. I told her i have the gucci abbey boots which i paid £450 and they are lined with leather and the serial number at the top. And that all Gucci shoes come with them!

    She had the cheek to ask me not to message her again!