Report this givenchy! Hall of shame - a place for fakes!

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  2. Kudos to you for letting her know and hopefully she will be able to get her money back. All these fakes scare me and make me disappointed. Inspired is one thing but fakes!! [emoji35]
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  3. She did! She has a SECOND one she biught from the same seller so she is disputing that one too.

    Yeah, if they are honest about it being a replica, does not bug me.
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  4. Hello! You seem to know a lot of antigonas. I've been debating buying from ********* on eBay. They have a few antigonas. What do you think???
  5. I would generally refrain to making an umbrella statement about a seller. Sometimes a seller happens to be selling a fake while all their other items are authentic. Some don't even know they have a fake in their possession. My advice is to participate broadly throughout TPF. There is alot of great information here and different ways to contribute. Then, once you find an item of sale, request help on authenticating. HTH.
  6. Ebay seller name : ofthemoment
    Item # 181940705228

    Not sure if this is authentic. Inside tag looks suspicious.
  7. hey guys :smile:
    my boyfriend bought me this Givenchy Nightingale Medium bag at a thrift shop in Germany.
    Could you check if it is an authentic bag?
    Thanks a lot :smile:

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