Report this givenchy! Hall of shame - a place for fakes!

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  1. I agree! I want to get one and I've been studying the authentication thread but geesh! It's so difficult to tell there's so many good fakes! More people need to ad super fakes to this thread instead of the really obvious ones :shucks: I'm really trying to study but I'm going nowhere fast! Haha! :biggrin:
  2. Honestly, unless you've been able to spend significant time truly studying the specific bag, in many cases you won't be able to detect the differences. This is especially true with any bag that's been out awhile or comes in different styles. My personal obsession is the Antigona which comparatively speaking is an "easy" bag to authenticate - except it's not!! I've collected a whole database of photos and signs of authenticity. Literally, hours and hours spent on this, and I'm still very careful about taking action on my opinions (like I don't post anything here as a fake or report it to ebay unless I'm sure). I do NOT suggest self-authenticating an item until you know that you're proficient. The fakers are getting better and it's just too easy to be duped.

    Of course, that's why we're so lucky to have Purse Forum! Very helpful community here when you're considering a big purchase. :biggrin:

    Also: I don't think that it would help so much to have more superfakes posted here - because it could actually end up with people naming an authentic bag as fake. I don't know what's worse, getting duped into buying a fake that you think is genuine, or accusing a seller that their bag is fake when it's not - both are horrible situations!
  3. I have seen this one before. It is so bad, it is embarrassing. Since they are so much smaller, I would expect and hope BNZ would be more responsive if an item is reported.
  4. ITA! This is definitely something to remember when posting in this thread. To mistakenly deem a real bag a fake is a horrid mistake. I take posting fakes very seriously and am absolutely positive when I do post one.
  5. Thank you for your advice and sorry for the late reply! I have been swamped at work all week! :wacko:

    Yes, Devik, I totally agree with you! I sell used Balenciaga bags and I have finally after about a year, have the knowledge of knowing if it is authentic or not of bags up to 2013. I still do not have enough experience with 2014 - bags because I do not get enough of them going through my hands and even for tricky ones I consult Purse Forum and I am truly grateful for this website! I just wanted to start looking at some intermediate fakes to gain a little knowledge. I will never be as good as you guys here!

    I purchase most of my bags through a phone app here in Japan so I noticed that I would not be able to get my purchases authenticated here :sad: or else I would ask you guys for a favor and authenticate it for me. A popular auction site here, Yahoo Auction only shows 3 photos (unless it's a business where they enter more in as a html) and most of the good deals are private postings. I hope to find some good deals that have all the photos you need so I may request your services!

    Thank you once again you guys are wonderful here! :tpfrox:
  6. LOL - I wouldn't even know where to begin with authenticating a Bal! (Though hrhsunshine probably would! ;) She's got quite the family.)

    Quick suggestion on the Japanese sellers - I know of several that list on eBay, marketing to U.S. buyers. Perhaps the ones you see on the Yahoo site or this iPhone app also cross-list on eBay? Might be something to investigate, to enable an authentication request here, if it's a bag you really want? You can also try searching on tPF for the seller's name, sometimes that turns up a few hits that can help with researching a possible purchase.
  7. That's true! I never thought of that. Thank you Devik! I really appreciate your help :hbeat:
  8. Please report these so eBay takes them down!

    Listing Title: Givenchy antigona leather taupe tote handbag - GENUINE NOT FAKE <-- YEAH RIGHT! grrrrr
    seller: pinkterri19

    1. Scroll down a page or so on the listing
    2. Find the Report item link on the far right side of the page
    3. Report Category: Choose Copyright and Trademark
    4. Reason for Report: Choose Counterfeit Item or Authenticity Disclaimer
    5. Detailed Reason: Choose Counterfeit, Fake or Replica Item
    6. On the next screen, I usually enter in something like "This item is obviously fake, it is NOT a genuine [name of bag here]" - clearly eBay is not looking for specifics or they'd give us more space to enter them!
  9. Do you know offhand if you need an eBay account to report?
  10. Yes I think you do.
  11. It said it sold, but it's either been relisted or they're selling a bunch of them (ugh!).

    Listing Title: Givenchy Antigona bag Small Brown Smooth caramel Tan Leather
    seller: sant-mega