Report this givenchy! Hall of shame - a place for fakes!

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  1. Sigh. Another listing that's totally misleading yet admits that it's a replica - yet the bag says "Givenchy" on it.

    seller: yeto-us2014
    listing: Givenchy Small Antigona Black Leather

    Includes the dust bag and everything yet it's a fake. And they're giving it the white-gloves treatment in the photos. So disturbing.
  2. Woohoo this listing has been removed! Reporting these fakes to eBay does work. :smile:
  3. Do you guys think Online sample sales such as Ideel sale legit designer bags? I purchased a Givenchy Antigona this past December and starting to notice my headwear is not the same as the hardware on other Antigonas but everything else is on point. Is it possible hardware varies? I bought the black calf leather Antigona. Please advise.
  4. Hard to answer this question w/o more info, but since you already own the bag, you would probably have to pay an authentication service to find out for sure.

    Check out this bag from The Real Real: it looks pretty good, but it says "Made in Italy" under the logo! Is that legit?

    Based on more and more of what I'm seeing on eBay, in my non-expert opinion, it looks like there are "superfakes" of these Antigonas now, just like with the Prada Saffianos. I almost fell for this red one. There's a bunch of others that I'm also suspicious of but I'm not going to post them here since I'm just not sure (and don't want to waste anyone's time with authentication requests). It's getting scary though.
  6. I already reported this one AND told the seller the bag is fake. I really wonder what eBay is doing. They allow so many fakers to continue and bother alot of legitimate sellers for the dumbest reasons. This one is a HORRID fake.
  7. The seller relisted. I agree, eBay should do more, but they apparently do not police new listiings after one has been taken down as a fake. Maybe with multiple fakes like this, the seller will have restrictions now placed on her account or be banned.

    I can't imagine that contacting a seller will do any good. Either the seller knows it's fake, in which case they already don't care, or they don't know it's fake, and now they'll be even more motivated to try and sell it.

    I will continue reporting, since sometimes it does result in action on eBay's part.
  8. Oh this seller definitely knows and wants to rip off an ignorant buyer
  9. Listing Title: New Designer Inspired 3D Geometric Antigona Medium Satchel Bag
    seller: shopoholic188

    Yes the listing says "designer inspired" but it also says "Antigona" which it clearly is not - and the actual bag has a G logo. Please report!

    Not that it's easy to see the details with the shoddy photography and poor lighting on a black bag.

    This seller has many "inspired' purses including Chanel and Bal.

    Everyone needs to be really careful!
  10. There are so many fake Antigonas on ebay right now but for some reason this one really irks me:

    Listing Title: Givenchy Black Antigona Medium Handbag In Calf Leather BNWT inc Dustbag RRP£1350
    seller: mattfisher2013

    Auction ends today - please DO NOT BUY THIS BAG!