Report this givenchy! Hall of shame - a place for fakes!

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  1. One of many current Top Shop bags. I always wondered, aren't they worried about getting sued for this?

    Top Shop bag.jpg
  2. Seller: georgiagirl404

    Seller claims authentic in the listing but uses images of the nightingale handle base and shows two of her bags FOLDED! For $2300 OBO, you too can have a foldable Antigona!

    Note: is a great way to find resale items for possibly less than those listed on eBay. This is a bad apple but most are legit listings and a good source for Gbag lovers.
  3. This is sad
  4. Interestingly, with few exceptions surrounding the designer's actual name/logo, fashion cannot be copyright-protected. A very interesting TED talk about this is here:

    The presenter claims that this free-for-all (no-copyright) culture in fashion actually results in greater innovation.

    That's not what we see with this TopShop bag of course! Talk about blatant copycat. Sad indeed.
  5. seller: taytothej14

    Anyone who's an eBay member can report these - find the little Report Item link on the right side (aligned with the top of the Description | Shipping and Payments tabs). Choose Copyright and Trademark in first dropdown, then the Counterfeit options in the next two dropdowns. I feel like reporting is one of the very small actions that I can take against such crap in the marketplace. It requires more than one person reporting before it will be taken down, so anyone who is motivated is invited to do the same. :smile:

    Thanks hrhsunshine for keeping this thread alive!


    ETA: Looks like the one below was taken down!!! One small victory!


  6. Interesting topic! Somehow, Monica Botkier sued the Kardashians/Sears when they copied her bag - forget which style though. I guess you can sue and lose of course .
  7. The fakers who try to get top dollar and profess the item to be authentic really upset me more than anything. I generally don't bother with the ones who state "replica" or "inspired by" since they are being honest about it.

    Hopefully as we keep posting the atrocious fakes, we may help a few people before they pull the trigger on the wrong bag and waste their good money.
  8. Seller: benqing512
    eBay listing:

    Seller claims that it's "This is not a givenchy bag, only in same style" but then why does the bag say Givenchy on it?
  9. I am very sad that there are a lot of fake nightingales out there! and i can tell the difference is very small. it's very hard to compare :sad: