Report this fake bay bag!!

  1. Looks like they've taken someone's else name off and put their names on it. Who's pics did they steal? Those pics do look familiar...

  2. I saw this dealer on eBay yesterday and I found myself to be utterly confused. First the location is the Ukrain (Russia) but they are not selling in euros instead the English pound. Their pictures look good but the prices are ridiculously low and the purses are rare. BTW that black bay is gorgeous.

    Anyway BagAngel how do you know the pics are stolen, are they from this forum? A fellow pfer? Gulp are they YOURS?:shrugs:
  3. No Pics are not mine but they are watermarked Bagaddicted not the ID of the seller.

  4. BagAngel, look at this dealer's eBay store it says Bagaddicted?
  5. I saw an eBay seller selling a Bay bag with photos lifted from Sigh...
  6. OMG I didn't see that sorry. I still believe the bag is a fake. Price is ridiculous with no reserve
  7. I am also looking on the seller's store all the time, the prices arte SO low, the pictures look ok. Do you still think it's fake? I mean is it too good to be true?
  8. If it is too good to be true it usually is. I mean it is common sense my quilted Bay bags are coming this week. With ebay fees the cost to me will be 900+GBP Now what would be the point in me buying those bags to risk them selling at 100+? Risk Losing almost 800 on each bag? Utter madness!
  9. Gosh Roz how many are you getting?

    Hope you manage to sell them as they are so ready available in the stores
  10. LOL well I hear selling out like hotcakes! I don't care if they sell or not excuse for me to keep if they don't LOL
    Getting the Kylie bag & the horizontal in off white & black
  11. cool - cant wait to see the pics
  12. Oh you will have to look on ebay try as I may I cannot downsize pics for here I am mad to post my collection but just cannot get it!
    Waiting on my son to upload Photoshop for me, he is in love & always busy LOL
  13. I'm having the same problem with my pictures, want to upload but they are too big.
  14. I believe you are right but it makes me sad. This seller has some interesting bags. Ah well - we know CERTAIN sources are legit! Roz - I'm glad you are out there!