REPORT this Bottega!

  1. I'm going to start yet another thread, but I really think this one is important. Please use this thread to post fake bags. How great would it be if we had more than one person reporting, and *poof* it dissapears on eBay.

    To go over the ways you can report a fake, I am quoting CobaltBlu's ingenious post in the eBay forum. From the "Report This Item" page (the link is at the bottom of each listing in blue):

    Scenario 1: Report as a counterfeit
    Step 1: Select "Counterfeits and copyright violations"
    Step 2: Select "Potential trademark infringement"
    Step 3: Select "Counterfeit clothing..."
    Click on "Continue"
    When next page appears, click on "Email us"
    When next page appears, click on "Send"
    After email is sent, go back to the first reporting screen.

    Scenario 2: Report as listing violation
    Step 1: Select "Listing policy violations"
    Step 2: Select "Misleading title"
    Step 3: Select "Intentionally misleading or deceptive titles"
    Click on "Continue"
    When next page appears, click on "Email us"
    When next page appears, click on "Send"
    After email is sent, go back to the first reporting screen.

    Scenario 3: Report as fraud
    Step 1: Select "Fraudulent listings"
    Step 2: Select "You suspect that a listing is fraudulent but you didn't bid"
    Step 3: This box contains a message telling you to click on "Continue".
    Click on Continue
    When the next page appears, click on "Email us".
    When the next page appears, you will see a box with the item number already input and a box titled ""Enter your question/concern". Write your reasons for believing that the article is fraudulent. ... I include the facts and language stating that the article is a fake, the seller is a fraudster and that eBay is complicit by allowing the seller to continue to list items.

    P.S. I'm sorry, I misnamed the thread. It should be "Report this Fake" since it's not really a Bottega, but an imposter!
  2. Tried renaming this thread. Only worked on my entry... :confused1: Mod, pls help.
  3. Me too. I was looking at that one but I was a bit suspicious about the leather. Being a newbie, I think my eyes have improved over the real/fake bag issues. Thank you for sharing. This is a very good thread.
  4. Both reported!
  5. Actually I thought the dustbag and tags were a little pale, but that's nothing compared to the lumpy leather, stitching near handles where it's not supposed to be, loose wrap, and LIMO color code on the serial tag!! HTH!!
  6. the fake sloane's leather is :tdown:...scary that they can fake the inside tag with the serial number. bv's leather is just so incredibly hard to copy but the fakers are getting good i must add.
  7. I'd be too scared to report a fake in case I got it wrong :sad:. Great idea for a thread though.
  8. ^I always worry about that too and only do it if I know for sure from my own experience. No worries with that Sloane - the color code is Limo but the bag is BROWN. No brainer! :yes:
  9. Great thread, the fake sloane is gone, too bad I didn't get a chance to see it before it got pulled off ebay. Can't believe that counterfeits of BV are starting to be more rampant!
  10. Reported the silver veneta!
  11. That ghastly silver veneta is still up, but the sloane is gone.
  12. Darnit...

    Well one good thing is there are no bids yet and hopefully will be none