Report Purse Abuse Here!

  1. Have you seen someone mistreat a really nice handbag and couldn't understand why. Here's your chance to report it, like if there was a toll free number for purse abuse (like 1-800-bag-diss). lol I'll start:

    At the mall, I once saw a 3-4 year old eating a greasy chicken sandwich and fries and fondling his mom's AUTHENTIC LV ambre bag at the same time. It caught my eye because I have the same bag, and after that I couldn't stop watching him. And the horror...he got ketchup on it!!! Lots of it! It didn't seem like the mom was even the slightest bit concerned with it. I find this quite disturbing, considering anytime my daughter tries to put her grubby little paws on any of my bags, I give her hand a quick little smack. lmbo!

    The other one I have is that today I was in a shopping plaza, and a nicely dressed lady with a beautiful Coach bag crossing in front of me drops the bag on ground by accident (I and proceeds to stumble and trample over it. It then is dragged a few seconds before she finally picks it up. (That one was an accident, but PURSE ABUSE nonetheless!) lol
  2. I would but the abuser is my mother who's Coach Willis is sometimes tossed in the back seat of her car and is way over filled with recipts and other paper , but she is my mother and has purchased more than one of my bags for me so I will keep my mouth shut :sneaky: :smartass:
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  3. Does this count:

    I once saw a woman who looked like she just got out of bed - all scraggly and wearing sweatpants (the fugly ones with elastics on the bottom) and a stained sweatshirt - carrying an LV leopard stephen.
    Isn't that abuse by association!!!!

    When I carried my LV MC cles through Value Village (a thrift store) it fell apart - I think from SHOCK!!!
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  4. I used to have a schoolmate who was quite well-off, and would just drive me nuts whenever she'd toss her Damier Speedy along with some kind of LV agenda on the floor of the classroom instead of keeping them on her lap or desk at school. I wanted to pick it up and wipe the dirt off everytime!
  5. Yes, that counts alright! lol
  6. Well in that case, we'll have to overlook it. No reporting mom! lol
  7. On the floor?! That poor speedy. :nuts:
  8. The most recent was a woman with a pink signature Coach wallet that was FILTHY not to mention worn and nasty. She had taken it out of a woven purse that must have once been white but was a horrible shade of yellow brown. My sister in law and I have a game when we see purses that look abused. We have to decide if we would rather eat a bug or carry that bag. :p We also play regarding cheap ugly bags. I took one look at that set and said "Bug". :throwup:
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  9. OMG, I love that! That's a cute game! lol

    I also saw a teacher at my daughter's school who had a LV alma that looked older than dirt. It was practically black! She never bothered to replace the vachetta or the strap on it. I seriously would have eaten a bug before even TOUCHING her bag. :yucky:
  10. I don't know. Sometimes, if I am doing housework and I find that I need something, I'll run out in my sweatpants and gnarly tee with a designer bag in tow.
  11. Ahh yes but this lady was browsing in the Forum shops in Vegas. And a Stephen is pretty damn fancy - like wearing heels with sweats - and a tiara :p
  12. OK,I was at a wine tasting at a vineyard in California.1st offense: I put my bag on the floor.It was a Luella Daria that I paid $1500.00 for.I did not want to be rude and park it on the counter.2nd offense: An elderly lady walked in, walked up to the counter,looked straight ahead, and gave Luella a swift kick to her left. My DH thought it was hysterical because he knows how much I love my bags.He has made alot of jokes about that moment:roflmfao:
  13. They say it's bad luck to leave your purse on the ground - maybe it was lady luck givin it a kick!
  14. I did not know that.Very funny and witty:roflmfao:
  15. Okay. This isn't intentional purse abuse, but abuse nonetheless.

    My friend's mom was driving through a sort of rough neighborhood. All these people on the street were pointing at her and laughing. She was all freaked out and didn't know why and thought she might be about to be car jacked or something.

    When she got home she realized her Coach purse was slammed in her car door and it was dragging and bounching down the street next to her car. Amazingly enough the bag wasn't damanged too badly, just some scrapes, and she used it for a while after that.