Report on today's visit to H...

  1. So this morning I went to Hermès to find out about my SO and to enquire about chevre colors.....

    First of all my SA confirmed that my SO had been accepted, and added that a couple of ladies had theirs refused, but I don't know what they wanted... Then I asked to see the chevre swatches...there were ...TWO...:wtf: black and Cocoan!! There was only one bag in chevre and that was vert anis..She also looked at the order forms
    for the autumn arrivals, and there were only two Birkins arriving in Chevre, one in Potiron and the other in Vert Anis...So for the moment there's no way I can see Chevre in Caramel or Gold or any shade of Tan...But she said she'll keep it in mind and if anything arrives in chevre in tan colors she''ll call me...She also said, like everybody here, that chevre in red in gorgeous, in fact her opinion is that chevre is better in bold colors than in neutrals...:shrugs: Anyway, she'll keep a lookout for me for tans and reds, 'cause once we've worked out a color/leather combo, we'll order it at the Febuary Podium...

    Now, what I saw:

    Masai PM white Clemence
    Bolide 37 white clemence/toile combo (where are you Kristie?)
    Bolide 37 Clemence Raisin
    Bolide 1923 Swift Havanne
    Bolide 31 box black
    Bolide 31 box dark brown
    Plume Elan (smaller size) Vert Anis
    Bolide 27 blue Ostrich
    Bolide 27 Vache Liagee? in a color I'd never seen: a browny orange
    Evelyne Rouge Vermillion Clemence
    Plume 28 black box
    Bolide 37 Rouge H Clemence
    Various Garden Parties, the giant PB that's been there ages!
    No Kellys

    And, incredible but true.....not one, but two Birkins 35 both available!?!?:nuts: My SA brought them out from the back, the boxes were still in plastic...One was in Clemence gold with Pall/H, and the other also was Clemence in Ebene with gold/H...I don't know if they had been waitlisted and then given up, or what, I didn't ask, I was so amazed... Anyway she showed me the Gold just in case I might have wanted it, but although I ADORE Clemence, I'm not mad about it in Gold, and also I want to change leathers, most of my bags are Clemence, Box and Courchevel....As soon as we finished looking at it, another SA asked if she could take it, so I imagine that it was sold there and then... I don't know what happened to the brown one, it dissapeared in the back again...

    So, this prooves that one CAN find a Birkin available in the shop, you just need a bit of luck!!!;)
  2. That must have been a fun visit!,:nuts: Did you end up buying something? I don't know that I would have the willpower to leave without one of those bags...the ebene perhaps? did the SA show them to you as examples or were they for sale?...sound like a great experience either way!:girlsigh:
  3. Thank you for sharing. I am glad that your SO was accepted.
  4. Wow! I just called my SA about that Gold and she confirmed that is WAS there. I really don't like Ebene. I wish I would have know sooner about the Gold, I would have snatched that up!
  5. The Birkins were both for sale, that's what amazed me! I didn't get the Ebene one 'cause I'm listed for a Birkin in Swift Havanne arriving between now and December, and the Gold I didn't get because I want it in chevre. As for the other bags, there was nothing I fell in love with...I thought the white Masai was stunning, but I have it in Etoupe, and white is too delicate...I tried on the Bolide 1923, but the handles are really short, and I don't think it can be worn on one's arm with a winter coat on, but I might get one in the future in a fun color...

    Anyway, I went mainly to check that my SO had been accepted, and to see the chevre swatches...that weren't there...;)
  6. Hey Bagg! I'm in Rome though, not in NYC!!:yes:
  7. Yes, She told me that one WAS available.
  8. Do you mean to say then, that your SA in NYC knows what bags there are in Rome???? Or did you ring Rome directly?
  9. Duna, I recently bought a Birkin in gold togo. I have seen gold in chevre and I don't like it. The skin doesn't take the color as well as togo IMO. I wanted the classic gold color and chevre it is more tan. I know it is personal taste, it may appeal to you, but the SA in Beverly Hills agreed with me on this point. She said that she didn't know why they didn't just use chevre for the stronger colors because it looks so much better in them. I understand why you want chevre, it is my favorite as well.
  10. Duna, congratulations on your SO being accepted,:yahoo: and on your strong willpower!:lol:
  11. She checked the stock in Rome?
  12. Duna congratulations on your lucky lady!

    I really love when you all give input on your thoughts about leathers and helps others.

    I swear...all I want is to be able to see the swatches for chevre and they are like never to be seen. Crazy.
    I do keep hearing people state that chevre is not the best in neutrals and I can't comment. That is interesting. Chevre is gorgeous in color...or the colors that I have been able to see.

    Forgot to add I like the 1923

    I love Havanne...can't wait to see.
  13. duna.. im glad your SO got accepted :smile:
  14. HOORRAYY Duna! Your SO being accepted is fantastic! And really, I so admire your's hard NOT to buy anything.....I'm hoping I won't sucumb to an impluse buy in Las Vegas!
  15. When do you leave shopmom?