Report on Sunset Blvd and Azur Organizer

  1. :yes:

    As a proud new owner of both the Sunset Blvd in Amarante and the Azur zippy, I just wanted to make a little report here...

    The zippy organizer is fabulous, but a little bulky and heavy. I do love her inside like my Brentwood and I love a big wallet, but do wonder how she'll age due to the white fabric around the zipper....

    This weekend, when I had to run a quick errand, I was just gonna grab the organizer, and stopped and decided to go for the sunset for the first time. The sunset is soo fabulous and can double as both a wallet and a little clutch. It is much sleeker and has a more chic style, I put credit cards, license, cell, money, etc. in and when I got out it rained a little. I had no worries with the sunset at all. It is almost the exact same size as the organizer... I think that I would use the sunset over the organizer a lot depending on the bag I am using at the time...

    However, today with my framboise Brentwood, I did opt for the azur organizer, which is just so fun with the zipper!

    I'm just letting you all know that the sunset is a really great organizer / wallet too,:idea: and I love throwing the strap on it, the detailing on the chain strap is really thoughtful and beautiful...:heart:

    I'm actually very happy with both, but thrilled with versatility of the sunset:okay:
  2. Thanks!
  3. Sounds great!

    Your cellphone is able to fit inside the sunset? What model is it, if I may ask?
  4. Motorola Razr, and yes it does! Glasses just can't fit in the sunset, which is why I think it's great as an organizer....:heart:
  5. Thanks for the report, I ditto the sunset!!!!
    I'm so in love with this bag and I use it everyday when I drop my boy to school and pick him up. When I go to the mall with my Azur speedy 25, I take the strap off use it as the wallet and use it as a clutch sometime. I have the Perle sunset so the fingerprint is not the issue.

    The bag is so versatile, I put my CCs and other cards, cash, my pda phone, Nar blush cream (square packet can use on lip and cheeck), small box of mint ball, a pack of oil absorb sheet.

    I love this bag so much coz it fit my day perfectly so I think I may get another sunset but in Amarante as well.

    I have the zippy wallet as well but I perfer sunset as it serve all my needs
  6. great that you are so happy about your new babies!! I too loved the amarante sunset..., but it just wasn't me...
    I'm sure many more tpfers will get the sunset once the pomme one hits the boutiques!!
  7. I guess that's what I'm saying too, the Sunset fits all my needs, and eventhough I love the zippy, the sunset is actually much more versatile...:heart::yes: and, stylish...
  8. Pomme sunset? Where, when? I thought it was only amarante and perle.... I must have pomme sunset!

    Oh, Veronika ... congrats on the azur and the sunset and thanks for the info about both!
  9. I feel special... Page 3 #36, second scan top right ;)
  10. Isn't this a great place to find this kinda stuff out, like POMME SUNSET!!!!! wow! I thought pomme was gonna be done in Feb, looks like there's more girls! yahoo!:yahoo:
  11. I'm glad to hear the sunset is so great- I really want one!
  12. great info.
  13. That for the report.
  14. The sunset is very versatile indeed! I'm glad you enjoy yours. :tup: