report on crown vip xmas shopping event & new lv goodies!

  1. For report on the event, click here

    For my new LV goodies, click here

    Sorry guys for the external link, I couldnt be bothered to post everything twice. Had a look on my website instead ok?

    And if you want to leave any comment, you can also leave it there too. Thanks!
  2. Great choice! Sounds like a fun night too! I enjoyed reading it.:flowers:
  3. Congrats!

    Greating reading took me awhile, but I got through and will be reading it again!

  4. Fun night...great read, thanks for a look at your life!
  5. thanks HEAPS for the report! sounded so fun!!
    hey! Linda is my SA aswell!! I just recently converted to shopping at Crown, coz of her excellent customer service. Shes really nice eh?
    your bag looks awesome aswell!
  6. cool bag :biggrin:

  7. Gosh, I do remember the elderly couple, they looked like they really want that bag. Enjoyed reading about your night, and glad you had a great time!
  8. Congrats on ur new goodies...they are lovely :smile:
  9. Congrats!
  10. yeah, linda is a very nice girl. she doesn't make any weird comments about what i say or about my request.

    last time i went to the collins st store, one of the asian lady made rude comments when i was about to get taiga andrei and damier large agenda.

    i told her that i will ask my brother's opinion and bring him with me next time i come, and she said: "is it you or your brother who's gonna use it? if its you, why would you need to ask your brother?"

    and i replied: "its up to me right?"

  11. thanks all for the "congrats"
  12. Congrats on a fantastic bag...and a super posting! What a great description of your evening. :yes:
  13. Congrats!!! Looks awesome.
  14. Congrats! your new bag looks great! Sounds like you had a blast!
  15. Enjoy reading it, sounds like you guys had great time. The bag looks great on you..congrats!