Report of new f/w 07 bags I saw today at Barney's...

  1. :yahoo:I went to Barney's today hoping to buy my Plomb/Steel part time with SGH, but alas, they only ordered the steel with gold :cursing:, argghh. Sadly, today I left empty handed but with something on hold from S/S that I LOVE and am also thinking of something in Ocean. Anyway, I was shocked at how much I loved the colors in person compared to the pictures. Even the greatest pictures here do not do them justice.

    Ocean: I LOVED it, even though I was slightly underwhelmed with the photos initially. It is stunning with SGH. Very pretty blue.

    Tomato: I was most surprised at my reaction to this color. It is bright, yet sophisticated and oddly, it has warmth within the brightness. I saw a rh Day that was tdf and a city with SGH. Love! I am getting a coin purse in tomato.

    Olive: I think my favorite of the darker neutrals, it was lovely and the leather was awesome. Looked good with both gold and silver and naturally, rh! Me want in rh, Work style!

    Steel, it is just awesome. I also was underwhelmed with the pics but irl, it is truly great. I was so upset to see they had only rh and Gold, but the color is not black at all, it is like graphite, blue undertones, in light it is trying to be metallic in a very small way. I WILL get one with SGH! You could easily have black and steel and have two very distinct bags with a different character each of their own.

    Mastic: VERY pretty for those of you searching for a warm and golden hued version of sandstone. Looked lovely, as expected, with GH.

    Cinnamon was just lovely and smooshy!

    Black with SGH, very classic and pretty.

    The new GH or SGH flat messenger is an awesome bag. I am tall, and on the longest setting, it hung very nicely. However, I like them longer. Good news though, there are inches left on the strap that additional holes could be made and it would be nice and long!

    Didn't see the step, yet!

    Sorry if I forgot something, hope this info is remotely helpful to someone.

  2. Thanks for moving my thread, a big DUH from me, sorry!!!!
  3. Thanks for the low-down, BHG! Now if I can only get enough time to pay my local NM a visit so that I can see the rest of the AW 07 pre-collection colors IRL...
  4. Awesome report! Thank you :flowers::flowers:
  5. Thanks for the awesome report! Can I ask which Barney's you went to?
  6. Excellent synopsis of the colors. Thank you for sharing! You're right, the pics never do the colors justice IRL.
  7. You are dead on! I agree with the tomato being bright but sophisticated, the ocean IS gorgeous IRL, pics don't even compare and the steel does have this odd metallic looking glare and is definately very blue in undertone, and I agree the dark olive rh work is a must have neutral!
  8. Great report!

    How about the Tabac/Sienna? I'm curious to hear another PFer's opinion after seeing it IRL.
  9. I was at the Barney's in Dallas, Northpark Center. I love my SA who totally rocks and everyone I have encountered there knows Bbags very well and are NICE. This makes me very happy!
  10. If I were in the market for a brown, I'd snap it up, quick! It is smooshy and silky yet thick. Very nice. Again, it was stunning irl:heart:
  11. Black with SGH-yum
  12. :drool: at the tomato SGH city... too bad they don't have it in SIN :crybaby:
  13. Is Olive the vert fonce?:smile:
  14. Thanks for the update! I am going back and forth between a black bag & the plomb. I have an anthracite paddy so I'm worried the metallic tones might be too similar (although two completely different bags)!
  15. how does the olive compare to 2005 olive?