Report: lesportsac sample sale

  1. I went to the sale today (wednesday) and it was packed. I was 16th in line and by the time they started letting us in, there had to be about 100 folks in line.

    Stock/selection: They said they had 60,000 pieces and I believe them. There are tons and tons of bags of all different styles and color schemes. There were tokidoki bags, but they went FAST. They didn't replenish the stock for another hour or so, and those bags were snapped up. They have more, but it seems they are putting out a few at a time so more of people will have the opportunity to get them.

    They had the Wild Zebra and Pop dot range. I am not exaggerating when I say they had every type of bag from the "classic" range with the exception of five or six in a multitude of prints. (I don't recall seeing the Fafiness print.) They gave out one qee with purchase or you could buy them for $2 each. They only had them in silver or blue.

    The pricing scheme was totally a$$backwards. The 3 for $XX and 5 for $XX only apply to bags from the same range, so if you have three bags from the "classic," "boutique" and "tokidoki," you wouldn't get the 3 for $XX deal, but a discount of around 50% for each bag. It was very confusing and I think that's why it took 90 minutes to pay and the line doubled back to the door. Hopefully by tomorrow they'll devise a clearer system.


    On wednesday, the tokidoki bags were in the back next to the Zebra bags. When you walk in, make a right and continue to the DJ table and then make a left. I think I was one of the first people who found them because the selection was still pretty decent when I got there. I got a couple of inferno and a couple of paradiso -- and left some for others. There weren't as many the other bags, but a few of each style. I don't know the styles too well, but I'd been doing a bit of research the last couple of days.

    Prices: Large bags were 3 for $90/each and small bags were 3 for $75 each. If you don't have three, you'll have to pay the single price, which is still cheaper than retail. If you don't have the minimum of bags, I suggest bringing cash so you can team up and pay with strangers. I was approached by a couple of people who wanted to pay together but we only had credit cards.

    The bags I saw were:
    campeggio in playground
    canguro in inferno and another print
    Trenino in paradiso.
    Bambinone in inferno
    a square suitcase looking thing in inferno

    a cucciolom, dolce -- don't know the print
    the backpack and the one-shoulder backpack in paradiso
    i didn't see any pirata, foresta or but that doesn't mean they didn't have them

    What else did you see at the sale?
  2. wow thats great prices! Im only looking for foresta :biggrin: ...but thanks for the update! :biggrin:
  3. huh?? i thought it wasn't even supposed to start until tomorrow!! :confused1: it said may 3rd on the flyer...
  4. yeh i thought it was supposed to start tomorrow also...i hope i don't miss anything good:sad:
  5. idk, but i'm glad i dont live in the mainland cuz i'd be hella broke right about now.
  6. I got a call from a girlfriend telling me to hightail it over to the sale because today was a VIP preview day. Apparently, some people got postcards with the preview day listed. I didn't, but the women in line behind me did.
  7. Argh! So Tokidoki bags are only going to be 40% off?
  8. 40% is better than retail - hawaii retail even more. You should be happy. LOL.
  9. True, but the sale ad said prices would be 50% to 85% off, so that's a pretty big difference.
  10. I guess. I'm just one of those people who are happy to get a deal either way. 10% isn't really THAT much, is it? It's kinda like when my mom grumbles about paying $1 more for toilet paper at Wal-Mart versus a sale at Kmart or something. I guess if they falsely advertised about being 50% and are actually giving 40% you could tell them that and maybe they'd have to give you 40%..unless the fine print said something else.
  11. if anyone's going let me know if there's a trenino tomorrow. I've been wanting to get one and $90 for one is WAAAAAY cheap but it sucks that I'm on the opposite coast of the US :sad:
  12. does that mean u'd have to buy THREE treninos then?! in order to get the good strange yet wonderful at the same time...

    man if i were there i'd buy everything n distribute it amongst us fans for that discounted price! wow
  13. Aren't the prices insane?! I wish I lived near New York, and this isn't the first time I've said this in regards to shopping!
  14. $90 for a trenino! wow! i might want one too. he he.
  15. i know... me three!