Report Items:Will the Sellers know?

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  1. Hello,
    I am planning to report some cheap Fakes on eBay with Replica and Counterfeit Items" link on their website, but I was just wondering whether it's possible for the sellers, especially PowerSeller (how can they become PS when they sell fakes?) to know who the reporting individuals are. Thanks!
  2. No - they don't know who you are.
  3. thank you
  4. I've wondered about that too. Thanks for posting!
  5. nope, they wont know unless you message them of course :smile:

    It's pretty scary if they do find out though, I am a member of another forum where we post about fake listings in an effort to get them removed and a powerseller found out my ebay ID once and harrassed the heck out of me. They even have their own little fake supporting website where they talk about putting hits out on the folks that report their listings. It's scary the lengths those criminals will go to in order to sell their junk.
  6. ^ :shocked: :mad:
  7. ^^^ OMG, are you serious? I can't believe that happened to you! And they have their own forum?!??? That is scary! :weird:
  8. I once complained about a girl shilling a bid on a baguette, they cancelled her auction. Then like 3 months later I got an nasty email from her saying she was having trouble with her Paypal account and Paypal told her I was the only one who complained. So Paypal did tell her, I don't think they are supposed to do that and other than that email, there were no negative repercussions.
  9. I'm shocked to hear that!!!!!!
  10. how can Paypal gave those Sensitive information out ???????? were you her customers before?
  11. Yep, it's called replica underground and you have to be a member (which i'm not sure is easy to do) to get in and read the nasty stuff. They had my forum name and Ebay name and were determined to go after my auctions. I read some copies of postings from there talking about how they weren't going let us steal food from their childrens mouths.... like we were stopping a legitimate way of making money!

    The worst part is that Ebay never did anything about the threats I received from this powerseller. She openly told me to watch my back and they did nothing.
  12. Jen-that's horrible. I can't believe that these crooks try to turn it around and make it seem like the honest consumer is the one screwing them over.
  13. now thats scary....fake sellers tracking down honest authenticate sellers ....omg... what a LOGICAL world
  14. YIKES ... that is scary!!! Even the 'regular' reporting can be dodgy ... what if someone just doesn't like you (let's say you had a bad prior eBay experience with him/her). What would prevent them from reporting you to eBay, telling them that the item you're selling is fake?!?!?
  15. I've been a victim of this. I've been reported by various cartels online for my authentic Louis Vuitton auctions. It is really scary and there isn't much you can do. I've had bidders with low feedback bid my auction up really high, then e-mail you the last minute telling you the need a cancellation! If you don't cancel they don't pay, but if you cancel your auction is ruined because the price is so low. :s :crybaby: