Report from today's Hermes Sample Sale

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  1. #2 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    So with so many threads going on, I'm hoping to provide those in line some eye candy and a heads up of what they can expect.

    I went at 1:30PM on the 21st.

    I ended up with:

    3 Carre et Carre Scarves (royal blue/white, black/gold, and pink/khaki) - I got a bit Carre -d away!
    a le astrologie scarf in khaki/orange
    a aux portes de palais in pink/khaki
    a citron & menth carriages twilly
    a vintage 70x70 tiger royale in navy/gold
    2 silky pops (brides de gala (pink/orange) & keys (brown & teal)
    2 enamels - beads of kenya & class clache in green
    the Annee de la danse cadena

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  2. #3 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    More pics here of the cadena & tiger royale & le astrologie.

    The enamels are only in size 70 - the GM.
    NO clic clacs or leather/hardware bracelets
    The selection of ties were SO sad, as explained by madavespy
    RTW very OLD
    shoes had a very small selection - but you get the orange box this time around.
    no twillys
    lots of vintage 70s in bandjacket, tiger royale, the H luggage
    Jersey Silk Scarves in Brides de Gala for $330
    Lots of small leathers
    **Silky pom poms were there! look upfront by the small leather goods
    H, sailboat, elephant cadena were there - right next to enamels

    Good luck everyone and I hope I provided some entertainment while waiting in line. ;)

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  3. Thanks for sharing this, poemshih. I wonder what our tPF "spies" will say.... Are you going to go?
  4. Thanks for the report, and for sharing your beautiful goodies!
  5. great finds! Those enamels are tdf!! the scarves, oh lala!
  6. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your new goodies, they're beautiful, you did good :tup:!
    Too bad that I live on the other side of the world, would love to have a pair silk pompons :nuts:.
  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. Thanks for sharing, you got a good haul!
  9. the brown and teal silky pop is my hg
  10. love them all. so gorgeous. especially the enamel bracelets
  11. Congrats on all your new goodies. OHH silk pom poms, been hunting for them everywhere. Too bad I'm living in Asia.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Fantastic haul. you're very lucky!
  13. Love love love all your purchase. I also see a Miu Miu cat. Very cute!