Report from the Louis Vuitton Icon Collection Event on October 11, 2006

  1. Louis Vuitton Icon Collection featuring the must-haves for the Fall/ Winter 2006-2007 Season

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006
    Cocktail Reception 6:00pm-7:30pm

    Okay, I went last night and here's my report...

    What I wore: played it safe - black slacks, chocolate brown turtleneck, vintage LV scarf, black shawl, black high heels

    The bag I carried: Monogram Mini Josephine PM in khaki TST - she looked perfect with what I was wearing, debated about taking the Damier Belem PM

    What it was: Since LV is located in Holt Renfrew, they shut down the store for the evening and had security all over the place. Lots of waiters/waitresses walking around with mouthwatering platters of appetizers and desserts - also glasses upon glasses of champagne, white wine and Evian. It was like a giant shopping party - mostly ladies but a few men (including my DH!). The alcohol was divine and the food was superb!

    The bags: I was very disappointed that they did not clear some of the surrounding displays (Burberry, DKNY, Coach, etc.) and put out LVs for people to take a look at. All the bags were behind the counter as usual but there were six SAs and the SM available for assistance. The Mono Stephen was on display and I must say that I found it gigantic - the same size as my Mono Keepall 45! The featured bags in the showcases: Papillon, Alma, Speedy, Lockit, Damier Belem, Noe. There were also 6 miniatures bags for sale - at 1100CDN (roughly 970US) a pop (plus tax): mini Mono Mini Sac HL (too cute!), Damier Soho, can't remember the rest. According to the SA, there were only ten of the mini Sohos in all of Canada.

    What I bought: NOTHING! :lol: DH wanted to buy me something for my upcoming BD but I told him I was on a purse ban. I know, I'm nuts! :P But he insisted I take a look at the Mirroir Speedys when they come in - I think he is just as curious as I am about what they will look and feel like IRL. So we put my name down on the list for the silver and gold - the silver is by far the most popular for pre-orders at this time. I am also going to be getting a call when the Damier Azur line comes in - we're both nosy to see that one too! I did try out the Damier Alma as I happen to love the Alma shape and the Damier canvas. So that may be my next bag - it is so feminine and gorgeous!

    Other people's LVs: I saw the Mono Alma with a shoulder strap, Manhattan PM, Lockit Horiztonal, Popincourt Haut, Mono Deauville. I must say that I did not like the look of the Lockit Horizontal - the lady carried it on her shoulder and it fit well there and against the body, but the top was all smooshed down. It looked so soft and saggy you couldn't see the zipper.

    So that's my report! I'd go again just for the food and drink! :P
  2. Sounds like fun! Would have loved to see the mini bags.
  3. Wow, sounds wonderful! Hope I get invited someday. :yes:
  4. Sounds like a great evening. You're so lucky your DH likes LV and is as curious as you are about the new lines! :smile:
  5. so happy that u were able to go! i wonder what the mini bags look like?
  6. sounds like fun!!!! thanks for sharing..
  7. i loved your entire report !
    glad you enjoyed
  8. OMG you said to your dh you are on a purse ban...what were you thinking girlfriend he offered....I cannot believe that you did not go for must be in rehab...good for you or maybe not!!!

    What did you think of the HL???? I bought that bag and I love it soooo much...could not afford the Manhattan GM so LH was runner up...sooo glad!!! tell us more....
  9. oh, sounds like you had a good experience. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  10. :nuts: Great report and glad that you and your DH had a good time. Gosh the miniature bags are $$$$:wtf: ...might as well get a Miroir Speedy with that price!(well,almost lol):graucho: Can't wait to see it IRL:girlsigh: Thanks Addy for sharing!:flowers:
  11. Thanks for the report! Sounded really great; I'm glad you had fun!
  12. I went to the one here too! I didn't buy anything either, I wouldn't have bought anything even if there was something I wanted as it was really busy and I would rather go on a weekday so I can chat with my SA and such. I just had a really good time admiring everyone elses bags. One woman had the Macha Waltz, it was amazing... I was practicaly drooling over it!

    They had the Leopard Stephan and one of the other leopard bags...but other than that there wasn't really anything special.
  13. Wow! Lucky you!! I hope I get to go to something like that someday!! Thanks for all the info!
  14. sounds like fun Addy!
    Ooo..what I wouldn't do to see those Mini should've snagged one..
  15. Wow I am SO jealous :smile: