Report from SoCal July TPF meet.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you to all the SoCal tPF'ers that came to the July, BH Meet. I had SOOOOOOOO much fun. We had a nice turnout. One person even drove from San Diego to join us for his first (hopefully not his last) meet.

    We met at Nate N Al's Deli at 11:30. Had a nice lunch.
    After lunch we went over to Fashionphile. They opened special just for us since they are normally closed on Saturday. No one bought anything there, but had so much fun looking around. They are so nice there.

    After Fashionphile we went to LV, where we had a really bad experience, one of the girls was thinking about buying a new wallet. She picked one up that was sitting there and this REALLLLLLLLY rude SA comes over GRABS it out of her hand and yells at her she needs to have an SA help her and storms off and then walks over to someone else and asks if he can help them. We complained to the manager, who knows us and knows how much we buy in there. I am sure nothing will happen. One person did buy a luggage tag there but otherwise no one else was in the mood to buy anything after the RUDE SA. The whole time we were in there he just kept looking at us giving us really dirty looks and was just a complete A-HOLE. I can't remember his name. I want to say Roman but I am not for sure. He was really short and skinny with very short dark hair.

    Then we walked to Chanel and just looked around for a while. Nothing was bought there.

    Then over to Hermes. We got really great service there. They were very nice to us. One person bought a beautiful bracelet at there.

    By this time it was about 4:00 and it was really hot out so most people wanted to get going.

    See everyone in a few weeks at the August meet.

    If anyone is in SoCal that is not on the evite list please PM me your email address and I will add you to the monthly tPF evite list.
  2. I forgot to add there was NO photos taken this time.
  3. Sorry to hear about your negative experience at LV... but good to hear that there was a good turnout! :tup:

  4. Seriously!! That's so awesome!! How many folks turned up??

  5. I think there was 9 of us plus of course Sammy and Bella who go to every meet. They are the official SoCal TPF mascots.

    It was nice we had 3 male TPF memebers join us.

    Looking forward to the August meet.
  6. Wow, that's great!! I wish I was able to pull out a nice big strong number like that at the SF/Bay Area meets!!
  7. It was really fun. I think the rude SA stared also because it was obvious that we were very welcomed and chummy with other SAa and the manager. I suspect he feels the best defense is to be totally offensive. Was his name Ramone?

    A great meet. As always. So looking forward to the next.
  8. Yes, the LV SA's name was Ramon. Everyone boycott Ramon!

    Had fun with you guys and gals (as usual!)! And thanks again to Betsy for organizing!
  9. ^^See what happens when SA's treat us tpf'ers like crap!!!!!!!!! ^^

    I wish there would have been some photos! ;)

  10. The reason there was no photos taken is because there was only one new person. Otherwise, it is was all the same regulars that come to every meet for the last year. Since we get together every month there was really no reason to take another photo.

  11. I have told them over and over about TPF. I must have written it down at least 20 times for different SA's. I even wrote it down for the SA on Saturday. They always seem to lose it. I tell them I am going to post about what happened. They just don't care.
  12. I'm sorry fot the bad experiecne at LV, but I bet you had a wonderful day! ;)

  13. Thanks

    YES!!!!! I always have an AMAZING time at the meets. It is all about the people that come to the meets that make it so much fun.
  14. sounds like a wonderful day!!!!