Report from Sankt Moritz

  1. Hi girls!
    I'm in S.Moritz..
    In the store " Tres Pommes" i've seen:
    Ink first and make up clutch.
    Grey 06 Box , make up clutch, small Almouniere.
    GH: vermillion, grass green, naturel, white, cafè, truffle, black

    :love: Happy new year!!!!:love:
  2. thanks for let us now!
  3. sorry i mean know
  4. Was it on sale?
  5. Ohhh l_b .... you're in Sitzerland :nuts: !! Is there much of snow in St. Moritz ? I know this store 'Trois Pommes' - - - it's the same as in Zurich where I buy my bals ;) !!! ENJOY your trip and have a very happy new year :heart: with many greetings also here from Switzerland :love:
  6. l_b Happy new year to you too.:love:
    Are there any Matelasse on sale.:p
  7. I'm in Sankt Moritz now and it is snowing
    No b.bags on sale...i've never seen Balenciaga on sale in Italy or Europe ( only in UK)