Report from Paris!

Sep 7, 2006
So i randomly decided to pop over to Paris for a 2 day holiday.. and i must say it was a really fruitful one!! :yes:

Stayed at Hotel Castille (as recommended by nice PF ladies). Chanel was one step away! I thought that was so cool lolz :shame: though i did not buy anything from Chanel.

Right after I arrived in Paris, dropped my bags, I rushed over to Hermes at Rue de Faubourg and guessed what I saw? :nuts: Here are some pics! Enjoy ladies!! :love:

Great pictures!! I have a question though.... I saw the silver bBirkin in other photos and I can't believe it's still there!! Are the bags in the window display not for sale??! I LOVE it!!
um........but what did you come home with?????? Hmmmmmmmm??????

hehe I came home with a 30cm Orange Birkin :love: Its nothing exotic like the window display but my heart skipped a beat when the SA took her out of the box. I looked at her for 5 sec and headed to the cashier. lol. :shame: Everyone was staring at the little gorgeous bag when the SA took her out, I had to make her mine before someone else stepped in! :P

The first SA I asked told me there were no Birkins in stock and that there were no orange kellys either. So I pouted in disbelief and paced up and down the boutique till my SA came to my rescue! She asked me if she could help me so I told her I was looking for an orange birkin/kelly.. She disappeared for 15min and came back to tell me there were no orange kelly BUT she MIGHT have an orange Birkin! :nuts: So I asked her if I could take a look and she disappeared for another 15min! She was hugging this huge orange box in her arms and beckoned me to come over! I had butterflies in my tummy! lolz. like a silly child. :girlsigh:

Here are the pics!