Report from Paris!

Sep 7, 2006
So i randomly decided to pop over to Paris for a 2 day holiday.. and i must say it was a really fruitful one!! :yes:

Stayed at Hotel Castille (as recommended by nice PF ladies). Chanel was one step away! I thought that was so cool lolz :shame: though i did not buy anything from Chanel.

Right after I arrived in Paris, dropped my bags, I rushed over to Hermes at Rue de Faubourg and guessed what I saw? :nuts: Here are some pics! Enjoy ladies!! :love:



Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
um........but what did you come home with?????? Hmmmmmmmm??????


Nov 10, 2006
Great photos!! What material is the RD travel bag made out of in the last photo? Anyone know?


Apr 19, 2006
Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing =)

Did ya get lucky at Paris Hermes? Come on do tell - lol!


Aug 26, 2006
Great pictures!! I have a question though.... I saw the silver bBirkin in other photos and I can't believe it's still there!! Are the bags in the window display not for sale??! I LOVE it!!
Sep 7, 2006
um........but what did you come home with?????? Hmmmmmmmm??????

hehe I came home with a 30cm Orange Birkin :love: Its nothing exotic like the window display but my heart skipped a beat when the SA took her out of the box. I looked at her for 5 sec and headed to the cashier. lol. :shame: Everyone was staring at the little gorgeous bag when the SA took her out, I had to make her mine before someone else stepped in! :P

The first SA I asked told me there were no Birkins in stock and that there were no orange kellys either. So I pouted in disbelief and paced up and down the boutique till my SA came to my rescue! She asked me if she could help me so I told her I was looking for an orange birkin/kelly.. She disappeared for 15min and came back to tell me there were no orange kelly BUT she MIGHT have an orange Birkin! :nuts: So I asked her if I could take a look and she disappeared for another 15min! She was hugging this huge orange box in her arms and beckoned me to come over! I had butterflies in my tummy! lolz. like a silly child. :girlsigh:

Here are the pics!