Report from our Los Angeles Meet

  1. I just wanted to say I had a great time!!!!

    We had a really good turn out this time. Our best yet.

    We 1st had lunch at CPK. Then went upstairs to the Beverly Center mall. We spent quite awhile in LV (of course) then we went over to Dior and then went over to Gucci. The manager at Gucci spent a lot of time with us explaining all the different Gucci bags. Then we went over to the Coffee Bean and all got to know each other. Then most of us carpooled over to Rodeo Drive. We spent some more time in LV on Rodeo and then went over to Tiffany's.

    2 people bought beautiful Miu Miu bags. One person even bought a Birkin.

    I can't wait to do it again. I am hoping we can do this every few months. So for those that missed out on this one don't worry another one will be coming up soon.

    See below for a partial group photo.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. wow, sounds like you guys had a great time and :drool:, so many amazing bags!
  4. Sounds like sooooo much fun! I wish I still lived there... especially since it's about 2 degrees in my new home state... brrr! Post more pics if you have them!!
  5. I need to go to one of these! Michigan sucks though! maybe I can fly out?
  6. Oh wonderful!

    Did you take pictures of everyone and their outfits??????

    Spill who bought what? How fun!~

    Look at those bags I'm drooling!
  7. Wow look at those bags ! :graucho:

    So let's hear a more full report !
  8. Thanks beljwl!!!!! We all sure did have a great time....I am so glad I went...I was able to meet some great new people!!! Lunch was great...and the walking to all the stores after was even better! Thanks for organizing and cant wait for the next one!
  9. Yes, there was a group photo taken but a few people rather not have their photos posted so I have to respect that.

    Here is one more from that afternoon. He loves to have his photo posted.

  10. Sound like you guys had lots of fun. wonder if there be a meet up in Sydney sometime.....
  11. LOVE the group photo! And your dog is SO cute! Is he in his personal stroller?

    I would love to join you all next time!
  12. Yes, that is a doggy stroller. He just lays in it and never tries to jump out. He LOVES it. I used to carry him in a bag but this is so much easier and he likes it much better.
  13. Awww I totally understand. The ladies from the Seattle meetup we blacked all their faces out so you cant really see faces:smile:

    I'm glad you all had a great time!
    Cute doggie too! Love those eyes so chocolatey!!!!

  14. Glad to hear you all had a good time
  15. thanks so much for organizing this meet, beljwl!! i had a blast (even though i didn't buy anything, i'm on a ban). and thanks for posting the pix! sammy is sooo cute!!

    i love the pic with all the bags. how funny, i'm partially in the pic (the blue sweater & khakis, lol)