Report from Lucky shops -good deals but horrible bing bang jewelry

  1. Jill Stuart- the best! dresses 40.00
    Marc Jacobs-disappointment from last year no coats -skirts from last yr luckys! Couple of bags for 250 and marc by marc jacobs green bags 45
    Theory -50-65% off retail
    Kors-shoes 25! 2nd best
    See by chlow - 3 for 200 BUT horrible english girl with beret from Bing Bang jewlery who was upposed to be working woudl befriend women and then wehn they got distracted by their packages or bag woudl take their itmes form beneath their toes -- took a couple of people items - i hear later form chloe people she took a dress form a top editor at allure or vogue magaazine right from her hands -i forget which one- guess bing bang wont be featured in their magazine! :woohoo:
    Scoop- everythign 25 at end but pickigns slim
    most things were gone by 12 pm today but still got a few good things
    ill tell my friends to give me their reports and ill report back!!!! The cashiers and bartenders were superfriendly!
  2. Can you explain this more. Was the salesclerk stealing from the people? I don't really understand. :confused1:
  3. creighbaby, thats what it sounds like! It sounds like when they found something, the salesperson from bingbang would just sneakily take things from customers.

    I can't believe peopleactually do that!! especially a person taht works there!
  4. It was horrible -people would be trying on things in front of a tiny mirror with all their lucky bags filled with prior purchases and their handbags at their feet. Trying to watch their bags while trying to try on clothes - Very Difficult so most peopel watched each others backs! So, most women were so cool and helped each other out but this horrible english girl from bing bang with a beret would hover and when women would lift a dress over their head or be momentarily distracted she would swoop down and take things from their feet-- I have never seen such a thing! Everyone was horrified because it was so blatant. And she worked at Bing bang booth so she would purchase things run back to her booth work and then run back to other booths. (she wasn't stealing she paid for the items but she took things that rightfully (in sample sale creed) belonged to other women. Its one thing if someone puts something down -its another thing to take things from someone's feet. This woman had been so nice to her too. She said "dear if i don't want anything ill give it to you first" becasue the girl was just staring at her (and all of us) when she tried on clothes. CREEPY! She even told her that she had decided to keep everything she had tried on - which was pretty nice consdiering but also why we were so horrifed. The girl had been saying to the woman that looks lovely on you-trying to be her friend -yucky!!! We all tried to help but the The see by chloe people werent much help as the bing bang girl was holding the dress and she approached the checkout. One Lucky shops girl even told the BB girl she was a b+++h but didn't help. Oh well ---

    Belle --Sigerson Morrison - white shoes reduced to 50 at end (my friend is telling me!)
    Stella a Mccartney- pretty expensive no great reductions
    Mulberry- felt bad no one seemed to be visiting their booth. Most bags in 499-899 range.
    I'll add more as i get reports form my tired friends!
  5. Hello:

    Can you tell me exactly what happened? Were they stealing items from people or just grabbing clothing from people and keeping for themselves?

    Thanks in advance

    Modern Planet
  6. Oh no not stealing! She was just grabbing items from people before they could buy !
  7. My friend reports she got jacques thong turquoise patent sandals from scoop for 25.00 (worth over 350.00) and red sigerson morrison suede shoes for 50.00. She bought a kors handbag as well! She was bummed about rebecca taylor haivng no last minute reductions -She wanted a grey coat but thougth overpriced at 300.00.

    anyone else have a report! :confused1:
  8. I just heard from my friend that her former colleague got a devi kroll bag for 250! worth 2500!