Report from Las Vegas


Pay it Forward
Jun 15, 2006

This will have to be short as I am borrowing my friend's computer. Well, I arrived yesterday at about 6pm and checked into the hotel (C's Palace). After a quick 'fresh-up' I pesuaded :graucho: my friend that I NEEDED to do a quick stop at H before dinner.

The H was suprisingly small ( compared to my 'local' Mad Av store). Not much stock, a couple of Kellys but no Birkins. The SA's seemed pretty clueless when I asked the about the new foldable Kellys (never heard of them!) and the scarf that Shoes just got. So, I was not impressed. Fairly small collection of scarves, twillys, pocket squares. They did have the pousse pousse simple but not the other two bracelets I wanted to try on. I will pop in again today to see if they get more stock in.

Anyways, we headed to MGM later and ended up at the Studio 54 after Billboard's Awards party! Great fun! Got back to the hotel at 3.30 am and we're heading off to get something to eat now.....:heart:
Aug 27, 2006
Hi in the new Augustus tower at CP??? Be sure to check out the new Guy Savoy resturante there...

Are you referring to SA"S at Bellagio? That is the only Hermes I've ever visited in Las Vegas and when I was there they are really helpful even though I wasn't never know...

Studio 54 sounds like fun...did that last time too...very crowded of course...

What Hermes are you carrying in Vegas???