Report from Hermes, Wynn, Macau Grand Opening (Jan 18)

  1. The Hermes boutique at Wynn, Macau had its grand opening (Jan 18) the day after the Pavillion in KL (Jan 17).

    My lovely SA at the Mandarin Oriental rang me from Macau to advise me of the grand opening and invited me.

    To keep the story short, DH and I booked our flights and headed off to Macau for the weekend. :wlae:

    It was not as grand as the one at the Pavillion from what I can tell from the pictures posted by MrsS, Eric and medusa.
    There were only a handful of guests --- I'll have to say that we (the guests) were outnumbered by H staff from HK and Macau, H VIPs and the press combined.

    Here are some of the pictures we managed to take…
    H VIPs2.jpg H VIPs 1.jpg Hermes Opening at Wynn's Macau.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Sounds like fun, love the pics, some nice bags at the back counter!
  4. more pictures...

    H VIP 2.jpg a familiar face from the KL Grand Opening...

    Bobo.jpg with the gorgeous Manager of H Wynn, she later took the specs of what I was looking for :yahoo:

    With SA Charlie.jpg one of the lovely SAs
  5. Lovely pix! Did any orange boxes follow you home?
  6. A handful of guests are always wonderful! I am glad you were one of them and that you could share with us!
  7. thanks for sharing the pics, what fun!
  8. the bags were absolutely drool-worthy...I kept hinting about the possibility of scoring a birkin that night...:p

    the one at the back is a red croc with diamonds, and all the birkins on display were not for sale :sad:
  9. Looking fabulous rox_rocks!! Love the outfit! You've come a long way in H. Well done!! A reveal from you should be very soon yeah!

  10. Thank you for sharing. I was in Macau last month and it's incredibly changed so much from the last time I went many years ago.

    Thank you for the pictures. You look great!!:flowers:


  11. Thanks for the photos.
  12. Not for sale, thats silly.
  13. You look fab! The shot of Orange against your Coat is succint!

    Thank you so much for sharing the pics, FABULOUS!
  14. thanks for allowing me to share...:heart::heart::heart: goes ;)
    Hermes Loot Wynn Macau.jpg
  15. Fabulous photos thank you for sharing! I always love these boutique shots since I have never been to one!