Report from Hawaii's Ala Moana Dior Store SALE!!

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  1. I did ask if I could take photos, and they said no...:sad:

    But this is what I remember and what was there as of about Noon today:

    30% off
    Diorissimo Medium Hobo in leather and possible canvas
    Diorissimo Leather Hobo in black leather (the one with the four pockets)

    40% off
    - Rebel line

    - St. Germain line - mini, small flap, med. flap, large flap in brown, shopper

    - Logo charms leather bag

    - Vintage - a slim messenger, small hobo? and a few more - sorry, I'm not that familiar with the line so can't give more specific names.

    - Detectives in red, cream and black, in a mini (SO CUTE but still pricey at like $1295 reg),small, med and that super huge size with the separate compartment at the bottom. I noticed some of the cream ones has some slight smudges on them.

    - Saddles - leathers in some very pretty colors like a robin's egg blue, apple green like my Tod's avatar, black. Also a bunch of the special ones. As saddles are way too small for me I don't give them much attention, but the store seems to have quite a few.

    When a fellow TPFer was thinking of buying a gaucho last year from them, I did inquire about phone orders. They do ship to the continental US and you can fax them your CC info. Not sure if they ship internationally.

    Ala Moana Dior: (808) 943-6900
    Fax (808) 955-5799

    Hours (Hawaii is six hours behind the East Coast, three hours behind the West Coast)
    Monday - Thursday9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.Friday & Saturday9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.Sunday10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

    And if Ala Moana doesn't have what you are looking for, call Waikiki at (808) 926-1947

    Yes, two Dior boutiques located about 2 miles from each
    other!! :wlae:

    I will be picking up at St. Germain at the Waikiki shop and will post pics soon! :graucho:
  2. ^Great report! I went in as well but while I was impressed that there were so many bags available this time around, didnt find anything I loved.

    I can add to the saddle report:

    White with flower embroidery, flight saddle, denim saddle with flowers, denim saddle with material and rhinestones from like 2 years ago, yet another denim but with all kinds of odd threading (no idea what the name was but it retailed $1700), they also have an assortment of evening saddles (pink and black with peacock design from what I can remember).

    They had an exotic detective, I believe fuchsia-ish croc for $16,000 and 40% off.

    Rebelle was also on sale.

    As a sidenote HI prices are about 10% less than the continent.
  3. thanks for the report. logo charms leather bag! must go see dior AM tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the report!

    can i ask which wallets were on sale too?
    thanks alot::smile:
  5. Wallets: St. Germain and vintage Dior with the large metal oval "CD".

    They had one of the style with the D dangling from the coing flap - which might be the detective style?

    I think they were also 40% off but not too many in their "tray".

    A bunch of footwear also 40% off, but I am strictly a comfort sandal kind of gal so I can't describe whatever they had!
  6. great report! now i'm hoping the dior sale range is the same globally. *crosses fingers*

  7. aaaaah .... i will buy it if they give me 90% off :sad::crybaby::heart:
  8. Anyone know the name of this or have a picture/
  9. wow great report!! Thanks!

  10. lol thats STILL $1600!:wtf: lol.... well at that price you could get 2! considering...


  11. but not a pink fuchsia croc ! for that price i would get it in a blink of an eye ! *faints*
  12. So funny...I was at this exact store on Friday night, debating over a black saddle bag, chocolate brown saddle bag, and the light sand colored dior charms bag. :smile: I love shopping at the Ala Moana Dior!
  13. Great Report Thank you.

    I went to South Coast Plaza to get shoes but they ran out of my size. I am so bummed. Do you recall seeing dark blue or brown Dior Charms Mule? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Great Report Thank you.

    I went to South Coast Plaza to get shoes but they ran out of my size. I am so bummed. Do you recall seeing dark blue or brown Dior Charms Mule?

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  15. woo~ what is this chocolate brown saddle bag? is it the one with the flower emboridery?
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