Report fake Gucci?

  4. This particular bag is spelt wrong in the title so not everyone will see it and the seller know it is less likely to get pulled. They also have not listed the brand in the brand section. If you key in Louis Vuitton or Gucci spelt wrong you will pull up alot of these sort of auctions- unfortunatly there are buyers who are happpy to buy a fake!
  5. In the Louis Vuitton section of tPF, there is a "Report LVs here" thread and people post the fake auctions and probably within an hour the auction is canceled on ebay becuase everybody reports it. why isnt there on for gucci?
  6. There is it is called Gucci hall of shame, post the link on there and we will report it. I dont think this forum gets as many hits as the louis vuitton forum!