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  1. Hi there,
    to repolish our bag,should we bring to the boutique for the service(expensive?) or do it our self?
    Mine is 5 years tote,caviar leather,haven't been to the service since,but i felt its not looks as black as before,i found a little peeled on the leather,in inside pocket(sadd.......)
  2. NO DIY projects for me! Bring it in for a "spa treatment"
  3. That's what i thought,I called d Boutique last week & ask for spa treatment, surprised answer;"we can do re-polishing your bag".Without even saying about the treatment,I'd had repeating the questions to the SA,she kept saying re-polishing.
    Since now I m in Malaysia,I spoke in Malay,still she was just ignoring my inquiry.I guessed i spokes to wrong person,she seams not quite understand in term of the spa treatment is.I did not asked to speak to the Supervisor,I'll just drop in soon thought.