Replying to several people in a thread?

  1. I seem to remember someone saying that there is a way to automatically include multiple names when replying in a thread. For example, if I'm replying to the "In Action" thread, and there are three posts with pictures spread over five pages, and I want to reply:
    Person A: blah blah blah
    Person B: yadda yadda yadda
    Person C: so on and so forth
    Is there a way to get Person A, B, and C's names inserted into my reply automatically? I hope this makes sense:rolleyes:
  2. I have always wondered how people do this, too! It is a lot more efficient it seems.
  3. There is a multi-reply function for this forum which isn't enabled. Figured it would cause more confusion than good. You can simply do this manually by clicking Shift-Click on the Quote buttons of all posts you want to reply to (which brings up new windows with the quoted texts) and then copy and paste all the quotes into one editor window.
  4. Thanks, Vlad!