Replying to job postings on Craigslist? How to?

  1. I FINALLY found a job listing that would be great for recent graduates (which is exactly what I am) but I tried to attach my resume and cover letter as a PDF and the Craigslist account will only accept 150kb. That's almost as big as the individual PDFs! I'm saving from illustrator which is why. I don't have word or anything (but I do have a Kinko's down the street. I love how this design came out though and I only know how to do it in illustrator-- it's a design job)

    Has anyone here had this problem? What did you do to send your resume and cover letter?

    I hope someone can help me on TPF, haha. I'm sure someone must have replied to a job through Craigslist! I can't find their e-mail. My last resort is to call them but it says no phonecalls so I want to figure out how to send them my resume and cover letter in under 150kb combined. Any tips or ideas?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Reply to the ad on craigslist (DON'T call if it says not to) and explain in your response that your files are a bit too large to be attached to the craigslist reply and ask if there's an email address you could send them to. most reasonable people would be fine with that.
  3. That's true... I would think that if it weren't for a job, haha. With a possible job it's easy for me to get so paranoid! Everything has to be perfect! haha.
    I may end up having to do that. I can't help but feel they will think "how could they not know they can make them smaller by---" kind of thing, considering it's design entirely on the computer.
    It's probably the only way to send it I think considering I can't get them smaller.
  4. I don't know... when I applied via craigslist (I got two jobs from there) I just sent Word Docs and they went through ok.
  5. How was the experience going through there? This is my first time applying via Craigslist. I'm so excited to have found this job I'm going after.

    I ended up figuring it out (I think). I had to go to Kinkos, of course it cost me over $10 just to use their computer because it took me a while to go over and double check and send and make sure it looks good and everything. I don't know if it's because they have PCs and I'm on a Mac or because I have an older version of some programs, but I found an option to make "smallest file possible" for "e-mail and web" haha. So... in the end at least, but I was hoping to have it sent this morning and now it's 2:00. I hope they check it before the weekend so I can follow up next week and hopefully they'll have seen it!
  6. oops, double post
  7. I have a Mac also, and I am a graphic designer! Do you have InDesign? I would have made the coverletter and resume on that instead of Illustrator, but it is made for more text based files. For instance you can type both the coverletter and resume in one file, and export it into PDF. Instead of having to make two different Illustrator files, and export them also. Am I making any sense? hahaha, I know what Im trying to say I just don't know if its coming out right! Also I downloaded neo office, its free, and it is just like Microsoft Word.

    P.S. I hope you have good luck with Craigslist! I have applied to I'd say over 15 jobs, and have never heard back!
  8. I don't have InDesign but I have used it. I never thought to use it like that because I don't have it so I wasn't even thinking of it! That would be perfect because then I could send it together instead of into 2 separate PDF's.

    I just found another job posting so this will certainly come in handy for that one as I want to apply tonight! I can use InDesign at Kinkos.

    How long after college did you end up getting a design job? I just finished in Mid December but have only found now 2 job postings that I may qualify for... both are now on Craigslist, haha.