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  1. I was browsing on the web and came upon this website : xxxx they claimed to sell bags that were 100% identical but were of course replicas. What are the deal with these sites? Are they really the identical touch/look wise?

    I would never trust these sites or think of purchasing a fake purse purely because it wouldn't make me feel as good as the real one, but my friend works at a nail salon and alot of her customers tell her that they buy replicas of brand name bags all the time. I was just really curious about these sites.
  2. The deal with these sites is that they're illegal.

    It' doubtful that anyone here would even know what these bags feel like, because this forum doesn't promote or support counterfeit merchandise or the sites that hawk them.
  3. Most of these replica sites close within a few months and transfer to a different domain name, which makes it harder for them to track down. They are located in and ship from China, which is where they create these replicas. There are different grades of fakes, the horrible ones that aren't even close, and the ones that are "AAAAA" grade.

    Unfortunately it's a pretty big market.
  4. Are you proposing replicas by posting the website here? Because it's not allowed to put any replica website here in PF...
  5. OKAY....that was scary. They even had fake booklets and fake authenticity cards to go with. I love this statement on the site "This replica is 100% authentic".....which I interpret to read as this bag is 100% FAKE! LMAO. I never laughed so hard!!!!

    I get so annoyed when I see someone with a fake bag....they stick out like sore thumbs....especially the fake LV bags with the cheap straps.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.