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Jul 3, 2010
I'm sure this has probably already been covered in a thread but since I'm new and definitely new to the world of designer bags I'm really surprised at all the replica websites. I know there are fake bags out there and I know they are being purchased everyday but I found this one website and I'm not sure if I'm aloud to post the link or not so I won't but it's a replica website and they sell everything from LV to Dior.
I am also really confused as to why someone is going to pay 300,400, or even 500 for a fake bag when they can just save up a little more and buy the real thing.
There are coach bags on that website that literally go for the same price as the real bags. I just don't get it.
So anyway I'm wondering if there is anywhere to report these websites? I understand that more and more will continue to pop up and that possibly nothing will be done but I'd still like to report it. And again if this has already been covered I'm sorry.


Apr 4, 2010
Im surprised that the brands themselves dont go after them. At least have them shut down their site. Its not like they are hard to find, google and you will find tons of them sites. And its rather easy to shut them down. Just a mere complain to their host will get their site pulled. Why arent they doing something about it?
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