Replica Videos on Youtube! Get rid of them!


Dec 22, 2013
Eastern US
Hey folks!

I recently searched for a review on a certain handbag on youtube and was quickly overwhelmed by stolen youtube videos advertising fake handbags for sale (often times in links contained within the description bar of the video).

If you would like to get rid of those videos from your search results, here is a helpful tip...

When entering in your search criteria, include a "-"/minus sign along with any words you DO NOT want include in the video title/tagged words. For example, I searched by entering ALL of he following terms in the search bar:

Michael Kors Selma Review
-replica (NOTE: You must include the "-" sign before the word, with no space)

And......boom! No stolen replica videos in my search results.

Hope this helps anyone as annoyed as I was today!

Kind Regards,