Replica Sites- HOW??

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  1. Can anyone tell me how sites like and the like are still out there taking pride in offering high quality replicas?

    I'm assuming this is against the law so why are they still there? Is there a loophole somewhere?
  2. I'm not sure as I haven't seen these sacmoda but my best guess is that they don't actually put the name "coach" (or whatever) on the bag and they make their knockoffs slightly different than the acutal coach bags. So they can try to claim that they are offering "designer inspired" bags rather than knockoffs? I'm not really sure but I can't think of any other way they can get away with it.
  3. The bags I saw were amazingly similar and had Coach hangtags. Not the tag we're used to but it did say Coach. I couldn't believe it!
  4. I think the majority get away with it because they are not in the USA.
  5. ^^well, I guess that blows away my theory! Honestly, I have no idea how they can get away with it. :shrugs:
  6. They are in another country and ship items under custom's nose by sending them as personal items under a false return address.
  7. I think they might have gotten shut down:

    .: We're Currently Closed :. Sac Moda is closed. Thank you for all your past support & patronage. It was a pleasure to serve you.

    All orders placed with us have been honored & processed. Should you have any inquiries, please
    reach us via our email »
  8. I just looked and it's there now, this is copied and pasted from the website:

    replica handbags
    & fake bags are what Sac Moda is all about. We offer all major replica designer brands including replica Chanel, replica Gucci, replica Coach to replica louis vuitton & more. All our quality leather bags are made from high grade leather & precision worksmanship. If Quality is important to you, Sac Moda fake bags store is for you. You will be amaze with the quality of our designer replica handbags. We are the leader in quality leather fake bags.

    So they are making no bones about being Fake! ewwwww, I can't believe people would actually buy one. I'd rather carry a $2.00 goodwill bag than a $100 fake.
  9. There are a lot of those websites, for all designer bags. I found one that actually stated in the website "Are these authentic? Come on, we know by the price!"

    customs has to confiscate the product, arrest the perps, but the mfg's have to press charges/sue for , trademark copyright infringement. There are some cases that get in the news, we just don't hear about a lot of them.
  10. Lame. It probably takes forever for companies to battle these fake sites... and they shut one down and just start another.. the only way they will stop is if people STOP buying them...
  11. Sadly that is true. If there were no demand (either from those who don't want to pay designer prices or those who want to rip people off) then there would be little manufacturing.

    I hope that people who buy from these sites don't actually believe that these bags are made "with the same quality" as the originals.:rolleyes:
  12. Damn, they're expensive replicas too!!! Why would you pay $130 bucks for a fake?

    I was looking at the LV's...I'm not a big LV fan and have no idea how to identify a fake one. Are those things pretty close to the original? It sure looks like it!

    The Coach ones though...the C's don't line up along the seam. Lame.
  13. I don't know how these people get away with selling these bad imitations of Coach Bags. But somehow they do. I live in NYC and these bags are all over Canal Street. I guess some people just don't want to pay full price for a Coach Bag or they can't afford to.
  14. I guess I dont' see anything wrong with places that explicitly state they are selling fake/replica/designer inspired bags. If you're stupid enough to pay $130 for it, then that's up to you. My problem lies with the seller who tries passing off a fake as the authentic thing.
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