Replica site found, should we report them?

  1. Alright, first. I'm sorry if this is not the right section to put this. But I have to say this.

    I was looking through people's Livejournal blogs and there were members exchanging an info on where they can find a good fakes.


    It just makes me angry that these people are selling fakes. They even have their own phone line service (1-866-***-****) which I am guessing is a land line due to the format of the number.

    I really want to report them but I don't know where and I am kind of scared of what would happen next. Will they find out it is me or something?
  2. There's a web site that works to keep the internet safe by closing any sites that are illegal. I reported a site with racist comments on it however the site still appears to be there so I can't say they did what they were meant to. Theres also a site to report counterfeits to but I can't remember its name.
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    an authentic site? or replica? anyone knows. thanks
  4. Fake site. :smile: the official website is
  5. thanks.