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  1. I've been concentrating on some serious authenticity issues the last few weeks. Here's what I know -

    The following websites sell authentic designer bags:


    It seems I read that everywhere. However, what I would like to know is whether any of you have ever gotten burned on the following sites:


    I am leary to trust any other online stores...but poor enough to really want to. On a yahoo blog forum, I read that goelegant sells authentic good that were rejected as irregular...but I guess who cares if they're authentic when anyone w/ a trained eye would think they are fake due to the malconformity.
    Anyway, I'd appreciate any help from other members.

    Also, if you are aware of an eBay seller that can be trusted (and it is not you) please let me know. Thanks again.
  2. My advice: buy only from reputable sites (the first list you posted) who are the only ones who are authorized to sell particular brands. Everyone wants a good deal but if its out of reach because of your budget, then buy a brand/designer that is within your budget. Since you are new, I'd suggest that you do a lot of reading here on the PF to see where you should buy, what you can afford and what others are saying about it. If you find a bag that is typically over $1,000 being sold for $300, then it's too good to be true. As far as eBay goes, there is an entire forum dedicated to eBay so read up there plus each designer forum has an authenticate this thread at your disposal. There is also the search function which would be the most valuable tool for you to use. Good luck! And enjoy the PF!
  3. Other sellers of authentic LV:
    Karen Kooper

    ebay sellers