replica LV

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  1. hello everyone , iam wondering if anyone could provide me links to a trusted seller of replica LV , i could never afford a real LV , so my next option is a replica , any idea on some trusted online sellers..

    regards d.cleary
  2. reported.
  3. reported ? huh . simple question .
    can anyone help me
  4. fakes are not tolerated on tpf
  5. TRUSTED LV seller selling fakes.. LMAO.. just google it and you'll find a ton.. ioffer is a great place to start.....(shakes head) what a waste!

    Sorry but posts like this are not welcome here, we don't condone the purchase or sale of fakes.
  6. Goto ebay & type in 'junk'. :smile:
  7. Don't bother buying a fake. Go to They have some nice second hand LV.
  8. we don't tolerate fakes here. please take your question elsewhere.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.